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Jones is Arrested!


No big deal really, I was just wondering if this is one of coach defranco's top secret agility exercises:



Great use of tax money.


Reminds me of a rich man's version of Footloose.


"He refused several orders to get out of the street, and he was arrested," said police spokesman Bobby Hernandez on Monday.

Got a problem with that Prof?


Yes. That's why I wrote something in response to it.


I'd rather the police foil murderer's or at least nab the son of a bitch that robbed my apartment before they arrest some knuclehead for dancing in the street. Somebody should've just noised their car up to the mob real gingerlike and cleared 'em out.

A real waste of police resources.


Suprisingly enough he wasn't shot multiple times with a stun gun.

You know they have a very strict party ordinance down there.


hee hee heee, the Snatch Rock & Roll Bar and Lounge


damn, i was going to say that.


Getting drunks who are blocking traffic out of the middle of a street at 2:51 am? Seems like a pretty good idea.


I bet you'd feel differently if you were being blocked by those people. Police have many duties, traffic control is one of them. It's funny how no one thinks Jones acted like an idiot, it's automatically the police' fault.

For the record, I work homicides, violent crime and narcotics. I hate traffic and don't want to work it but I'm glad someone does.


That... is... a serious crime!


Nevertheless he broke the law. Therefore he got arrested. Pure and simple.


You just don't get it do you?

You see prof feels that "the man" was picking on this poor individual.....Never mind the finite details..In profs world NO ONE should get arrested for simply disobeying several requests from a police officer.

If you want more insights into this brilliant mans thinking wonder over to the political threads.

It will scare the crap out of you!


You are one mentally retarded individual pretending not to be. What I find fault with...is the fact that this is news, not just because some policeman tried to do what someone called him to do. Pull your head out of your ass one day. It smells better out here. The rest of what I find fault with, is the fact that I am sure someone died that night...while we focused on a million dollar athlete standing in the street and spent the time and money to actually arrest and hold him. Yes, in the entire scheme of things, this was not the best use of tax dollars.


You continue to be a joke. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for entertaining me daily!


I just can't let this one go by:

This was your first response to the post:

Does that speak to the fact that you didn't like it because you didn't think that it was newsworthy?

Not at all. The comment speaks to the issue of tax money funding policemen who arrest people for dancing in the street. That was (and is) your stance on the topic.

When someone else thought as I did and wrote this:

You responded with this:

No where did you state anything about the media.

You were appalled that Jones was arrested! Now you claim it's simply because it's news.

As I said...keep entertaining us. But understand that your credibility factor is close to nil!


I doubt it. I basically don't want cops in my life, ever, and would have thus been willing to go around or simply try to push my truck through the crowd.

And keep working the nasty crimes, I appreciate it.


The article did not mention any resistance to arrest. I'm sure it would have been reported if he had resisted. I guess there would have been no way to get him out of the street and back inside or have someone take him home.


The reason this is newsworthy is because of who he is. This wouldn't be in the news if it was some random partier.

I'm not a cop, however, I wonder if arresting him was the only answer. Could they possibly have "assisted" him out of the street without having to arrest him? I hate to armchair quarterback the situation, just wondering.

I personally would have called the nearest engine company to hit him with the appropriate handline to remove him from the street. That way we would have truly wasted a ton of resources on him and absolutely made the event newsworthy :wink:

Go big or go home I say.