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Jones-Drew for Roy

Well, actually Vince Young should get it… but Maurice Drew should be 2nd in the voting. Yes, ahead of both Colston and Bush. The guy has 13 TDs, and he started off as just a 3rd down back. Now that he’s getting more opportunities, he’s scoring TDs from all over the field every week. Colston and Bush only have 7 TDs apiece.

If Drew has 2 big games to finish out the season, he could even end up with 1,000 yards. He’s getting 5.7 yards per carry, and overall he’s been more of a weapon than Bush this year. Don’t get me wrong, Young should get it, since he’s almost single-handedly turned a bad team into a team that nobody wants to face right now… but Drew just doesn’t seem to get talked about enough compared to the rest of the rookies.

Vince Young?!?! Why, cause his team is winning? He is ranked 30th out of 32 in QB rating. He has more INT’s then TD’s. He even has as many fumbles (5) as rushing TD’s. No way he should get it.

I think Hester, Bush, Colston, Jones-Drew and Joseph Addai are all better choices then Vince Young. As for my pick, I don’t know, it’s tough this year. You can make a good case for all of them. If Jones-Drew continues to run like he has I think he should be the choice. He has more TDs then Addai and a much better YPC. Of course, Hester would be another good pick with how important he has been to the Bears, especially considering their offensive inability.

Jones-Drew. I don’t think Bush belongs in the discussion.

Maybe Colston.