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Jones Beach Lil Wayne Concert


I'm going to this concert August 1.

Lil Wayne, Drake, and the rest of the Young Money Millionares, Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy, Jeremiah, and possibly Jay-Z will be performing.

Was wondering if any of my other T-Nation friends were going. Should be a kick ass time, have fifth row seats.

My friend and I are going and he's bringing his girl friend and her friend both from Rhode Island down, hopefully this girl is ready to get freaky cause we do have a hotel room for after haha.

Anyways is anyone else attending?


I'm not going, but Jones beach theatre is a fucking AWESOME venue.

Have a good time.


Have a good time Austin, I love live music. Living in Cincy I really should have got out and seen more shows this summer. Just didn't have enough time.


if jigga performs your in for a treat he isnt like nas bum ass who cant even finish a sentence without losing his breath.

I wish I could see the snowman live, him, jigga and slaughterhouse are the only acts i religiously check for new music from


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I posted that song in these forums with a few others about 10 months ago just for them to get shot down and called crap. Funny how it's now one of the most pupular songs on the radio.

And thanks JB, it's definetely going to be a good time. It's my first concert this summer planning on spending the day at the beach party and concert at night.


Not going to that concert but I'm headed to the Redman, Method Man & Ghostface Killah concert tonight at the Nokia theater Time Square. It should be crazy. Meth and Red put on some great concerts.



Lil Wayne, hand down killed it. For all those that think it's only appealing to high school girls then you fucking mistaken. There was everyone from hood ass dudes, to college kids, and a few high school bitches.

He played a large variety of his songs. Played the good songs off Tha Carter III , then did some of his stuff like Sky's the Limit, Kush, Best Rapper Alive and then more stuff off Tha Carter, and Tha Carter II, like Money on my Mind, I'm a D'boy, Hustler Musik etc. Then did shit off that Rock Album that's coming out like Prom Queen.

The guys pumps the crowd up to the max too. Everyone was up screaming, involed, hand bumpin' to the music. GREAT time. Definitely the best performer alive, and IMHO the best rapper alive.

Jeezy Killed it too, but nothing compared to Weezy.




Yeah, and he's laughing all the way too the bank.


I'm definitely not criticizing his ability to make a buck. I just think that the sheer volume of mediocre records he has released or been featured on has watered down his the good shit he has done. I know the nyc radio is nothing to judge someone on but he is famous for some really god-awful music. I just don't see how someone can be the best rapper alive when he is best known (by most of the people listening to his music) for Lollipop when guys like Jay z and Jadakiss and Nas are still making music. Shit, Lil Wayne isn't even the best rapper on his own label. Drake is putting out some of the best lyrics around right now.