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JonDoh's Training Log


Just starting the "Beginners Blast off program" http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/dawg_school_1

I've been training for a couple of years, but never done it proper so this will be the start of my first serious attempt to gain huuuuiiiigee muscles

I'll post the log for the first week on friday :slight_smile:


good luck with that jon :slight_smile:

I will be following your log mate.


thanks :slight_smile: I'll post the results from this weeks workout, I had to drop a lot of kg from the weights going from low to high reps. Also it's crazy hard to get to 4000 calories while bulking clean


loking forward to see your workouts :slight_smile:

I bet that 4000kcals clean is super hard, could you post a sample of your bulking diet?


I will as soon as I make a decent one, it will be based around carb cycling so every day wont be 4000kcals as the carb level will be tweaked on some of the days.


Workout log for week 22 :

Monday 23.05.11:

Dumbbell bench press

1x10 1x9, 40 kg
1x6, 36 kg

Db flyes

1x10, 14kg
2x10, 20kg


1x10, 14kg
1x10 1x7, 12kg

note: Going from low-rep to high rep is brutal, overestimated my own strengt and forgot to leave my ego at the door.

Tuesday 24.05.2011:

Wide grip pullups

2x7 1x3

One arm Db rows

3x10 ( on each arm ), 22kg

Ez Curl standing

1x10, 20kg the ez bar
1x6 1x7 , 15kg the ez bar

Thursday 26.05.2011

Back squats

3x12, 50kg

lunges with dumbells

3x12, 12kg ( x2 )

Romanian deadlift

3x12, 30kg

( this day I took it real easy )

Friday 27.05.11

Db shoulder press

1x10 1x9, 28kg
1x6, 24kg

Db shrugs

3x12, 14kg

Standing calfraise with Db's

2x12, 14kg

Seated calf stupid machine at the gym

2x12, 45kg

I'll post the results from this week tomorrow or something :slight_smile: