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Jonathan Byrd- "Powerlifting Graveyard"

My schedule is crazy, but I have never done more than 4 days a week in my 20 years of powerlifting.

Right now it looks like this:
Day 1: squat, deadlift, 1-2 aux
day 2: bench, 2 aux
day 3: accessory day: leg work, back work, arm work.

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Deload Squat/Dead

After benching heavy Sunday, then push mowing my grass I was a little worn down. I played it smart and deloaded this week.

Squat: 3x1 at 505 with briefs
deadlift 3x1 at 495 with briefs
heavy reverse sled drags 4 trips

My glutes are trashed today from the drags, they are diff a weak point still.

JB welcome back!!!

I wouldn’t say “back” but im trying haha.


Rack pulls from bottom pin

Worked up to 765x1

3x8 hamstring curls
3x8 band pull aparts

couldn’t bench due to shoulder pain

seated military press behind the neck
3x5 top set 205

3x15 hammer curls
3x15 tri push downs

Rack pulls sounded fun on the first :stuck_out_tongue: hope all the recovery is coming well

Well turns out the shoulder issue is a separated AC joint from deadlifting. It is feeling a little better though, so hopefully can bench next week. Have to squat heavy Thursday.

Next week I am heading down to SC to squat with Donnie Thompson and Dave Hoff. Im sure I will get my ass kicked.


three monsters in the same room??? This will be fun for sure

@JonathanByrd Any training videos from your trip???