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Jonathan Byrd- "Powerlifting Graveyard"

Squat day!

Decided to break out the knee wraps and go a little heavier today. I had 2 guys come in to train with me, so I took advantage of the extra helping hands.

warm ups: goblets, foam rolling, rehab work, stretching

3x5 @ bar
2x5 @ 145
2x3 @ 235
1x3 @ 325
1x3 @ 415
1x3 @ 505
1x3 @ 595 added wraps
1x2 @ 685

3x8 Bulgarian squats 40lb KB

rolling planks, McGill crunches

I was really pleased with how this moved, I forgot how much I got out of my knee wraps!

I will try to throw the video up if I can figure it out on here.


Deadlift day

Someone decided to not return my foam roller so warm ups were a mess.

3x5 @ bar
2x3 @ 135
2x3 @ 225
2x3 @ 315
2x3 @ 405

high rack pulls
4x3 @ 405

lat pull down

McGill big 3

My back had not recovered from squat this week and it showed. Things will get better after a few weeks of consistency.

I missed posting in my log all last week, so I will catch up here.

Bench: Swiss bar
3x5 @ 245
hammer curls, tri push downs

Squat: knee sleeves
Box squats with camber bar plus 160lbs in chain
3x3 at 335

I have been wearing Donnie Thompsons bowtie for about a week every few days for 20-30min at a time. It was painful at first but eventually I didn’t notice it anymore. Yesterday I benched pain free for the first time in my memory. Normally equipped it doesn’t hurt too bad, but raw my repaired pec is in constant strain/pain. This was the first time in a long time it actually felt like it was working!

Bench vs red bands
3x5 at bar
2x5 at 135
1x5 at 185
1x5 at 205
1x5 at 225
1x1 at 245
1x1 at 275
add 3board
1x1@ 315
1x6 at 225 close grip paused

3x20 band push down, super set with 3x20 hammer curl, 10 zoteman curls

Everything moved well, and it feels like I am on the right track. Ordered a new set of briefs, that id like to get broke in some this week. I will be squatting at Westside when I come up for the Arnold, so I need to try avoid being embarrassed.


Are you using the casual bow tie or the red one?

My hands go numb after about 5 minutes with the regular bow tie. I’d like to wear it more, I actually wear a XXL because the XL I can’t wear for but about a minute.

It is the black one, a 3xl. I messaged Donnie first to ask what size. So far its been great.

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I’ve got the red. Probably going to order a black one too. I’d like to wear one at work for quite a bit if I can since I sit at a desk all day.

What does the bow tie do? I assume it pulls your shoulders back. TBH I thought it was a gimmick, but if you guys think it has merit, I might give it a try.

Been having some shoulder issues lately. Really hard to get under a bar, so I have been using a buffalo bar.

I also have been trying to change my sleep position. It used to be on my stomach with my arms above my head. I think that caught up with me, so I have switched to arms down, but it is a PITA trying to change a sleep position.

Do you think this bow tie could help?



I think someone at my gym has one I can try out. BTW your avatar really throws me off. I thought it was actually you.

It is me…

Crazy how hair and beard can impact someone’s look!

Edit:. After looking at it again after blowing it up (picture is pretty small on my phone in standard mode), I see that it is just shadows that make it look like you have a big beard and long hair.

I have had a pec tendon tear and repaired. It seems to be helping me. My guess is that each one would be very individualized but so far so good.

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Hit some quick back work
5x5 row with football bar
3x8 lat pull down
3x20 face pulls

I have been lazy about posting. Squatted last week with my back up briefs because my bag was lost coming from Arnold.

Worked up to top set of 775 plus 200lbs in chains. Video below

Bench 3-17-19

I haven’t really gone over 275 in the bench. I picked a meet to shoot for, so I figured I should turn it up a little.

worked up to 405x1 with no lift out. I probably had another rep, but no lift out made it pretty difficult. After I tore my pec off in 2012 I haven’t really tried to bench heavy raw, so for this to move well I am happy.

I threw on the slingshot and did 2 sets of doubles working up to 550. These moved well, but I used my girlfriend to lift out and I am pretty sure she pooped her pants lol!

Finished up with a super set of band push downs and curl bar curls. Pec is sore today, I will need to work on it some this week.


That’s my biggest fear for my upcoming meet in Orlando is that i’ll loose my gear in flight. I’m thinking I’ll carry on all my gear lol

anytime I compete I always do. I wasn’t lifting so I checked mine.

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Awesome work Jonathan!! Do you hit each lift just once a week? Or how is your training split set up?