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Jonathan Byrd- "Powerlifting Graveyard"

This weeks bench goal was simply to work a little in the shirt. I am down a little more than 15lbs, so I was worried that I would not have a shirt that would fit me.

added shirt
1x1@745 PR

I was pretty tired after being in the shirt, so I shut it down and didn’t do any auxiliary work. I will throw a few extra things in on Wednesday. Overall I am very happy where my shirted bench is at, especially with the weight loss. I have plenty of time before the WPC Worlds, but knowing that I have a shirt that can still fit is a big relief.

745PR… holy SHIT! Congratulations.

[quote]AliveAgain36 wrote:
745PR… holy SHIT! Congratulations.

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Just some easy auxiliary work

4×8 kb swings
4×8 goblet squats
4×8 dumbbell shrugs
3×10 seconds static double over hand holds
3×10 lat pull down
3×10 band fly
3×20 band push downs

Nice easy day, was able to get my typical work in and then made up for some missed work on Monday.

Now for the impressive stuff! This is week 1 in gear for Jeff Frank as he prepares for the USPA Olympia. Jeff has mostly been a raw lifter and just now starting to learn his gear. I can?t wait to see how things progress over the next 10 weeks as form,depth, and weights all get adjusted!

So part of me has been worried that my scale at home wasnt accurate. Today at the grocery store I jumped on their scale full clothed with all kinds of crap in my pockets and was 287. Got to admit I feel good about the body weight drop. Assuming warm ups feel good I may work up to a solid set of raw squats this week and get an idea of where I can push it over the next 8-10 weeks.

How did I miss out on this? Lifts is much noice.

[quote]Ass Banana wrote:
How did I miss out on this? Lifts is much noice.[/quote]
Thanks for checking it out

Another week of offseason training in the books, and another solid week of weight loss. Did some more raw squats and deadlifts this week, with the goal to work up to a RPE of less than 8 for a single. I did this to try and get an idea of where my weaknesses are with my raw work right now.

added wraps

Deadlifts: double overhand
switched to mix grip

During this wave it is obvious to me that my hamstrings need work. If I was to push my raw squat right now they would be the weak link. This week I will work on a plan and focus my training in some more over the next 6 weeks. I am interested to see what I can do with my raw squat.

Deload week, and it seems like it was great timing. The goal for the day was 6x3@230lbs and 2x1@250lbs all with a mini band. The entire time my left pec (the one that has been reattached) just seemed very tight and would not respond well. With that in mind I cut down the work sets and played it safe.

Speed Bench

100 total band push down reps

I called it a day there and just let the pec rest. It is feeling fine today, not sure exactly what caused it to tighten up.

Last day of the deload this week. The timing of it was prefect because I was starting to feel a little ran down. This weeks training looked like this

Monday: Speed Bench
Wednesday: Squat/Dead Auxiliary
Saturday: Deload Squat with Camber Bar

Weights were nothing impressive this week, but the camber bar shoved me all over the place on the last set so I just shut it down there. I have about 10 weeks left to prepare for the WPC worlds, and bodyweight is pretty stable right now. All things considered I am on track, and its now time to turn things up a bit.

My bodyweight as been under 280 for the last few days now. I have really expected to lose some strength, but so far so good. This weeks floor press went well.

floor press:
1x5@135+160lb in chains
1x3@185+160lb in chains
1x2@225+160lb in chains
1x2@275+160lb in chains
1x1@295+160lb in chains
1x1@305+160lb in chains

Warming up, everything felt heavy. I thought there was no way I was going to beat my previous floor press. In between sets I pulled up my training log and realized that I only used 80lbs in chain last time. So this was actually 50lbs more than my previous floor press. Overall the weights moved well, and left some in the tank.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been down with the flu all week! I actually missed more time from the gym being sick this time than I did when I tore my pec! I just did not want to risk getting everyone else sick. Today’s plan was to get some light squats in and a few pulls, nothing too taxing, just enough to say I trained.


6 inch block pulls:

I called it there, just enough work to make me feel like I trained. I can tell I have not fully recovered from the flu, so I played it smart. I plan on turning it up a level next week and really push my training for a bit. I have got my body weight to where I want it to be, so its time to see what I can do.

So I have taken a year away from powerlifting, really a year away from lifting in general. Now that I am back training, I figured it wise to carry a log somewhere. I need to make sure I hold myself accountable and go back to doing the basics for a bit. The temptation is there to just jump in and go after it again, but with this much time off it will be a slow climb back to being respectfully strong.

I feel it will be nice to treat lifting as something fun again, as oppose to a business/requirement again. Hopefully I can put together a solid few weeks of training, then maybe look at doing a late summer meet.

Week of 1/22/19
Day 1: Bench

Foam rolling, stretching, prehab work.

3 sets with bar
3 sets of 10 with 135

3x8 dumbbell press
super set hammer curls 3x10 with 25 rope push downs.

Again nothing hard, really just getting back into the flow. Next week I will do 275x5 and then 315x5 the following week. Should have given my body enough time to adjust and enough volume that I wont die when I pick up the training!


Much stronger this week than last. I think its more getting back into the flow and getting back to better motor patterns.

Squat: Camber bar, belt and sleeves

Foam roll, goblet squats, rehab work

3x3@ 1 plate
4x1@ 2 plates
2x1@ 3 plates
1x1@ 4 plates
5x1@ 5 plates

All about an RPE of 7ish. I probably could have done 5 but the volume would have got me pretty quickly.

3x10 hamstring curls

I called it there, trying to avoid too much muscle soreness for the weekend. I am heading down to Florida this weekend to pick up a monolift, squat and deadlift bar, and 4x 100lb plates. I didn’t want to be dead in the car.

Add that to the fact that I only did 2 plates last week, this was a pretty big jump. No need to get crazy right out the gate. With a few more weeks I will add some wraps in, then maybe an old set of briefs.

Made the 18 hour (total time) trip down to Florida this weekend to pick up some new equipment for the gym.

Added the following
forza bench
texas power bar
Frantz squat bar
Frantz deadlift bar
4x100lb plates
about 350lbs in chains

Things are starting to come together.

Bench Day

warm ups, rolling, stretching, face pulls

3x10 @bar
2x5@ 80lbs chains
2x5@135+80lb chain
1x5@185+80lb chain
1x5@205+80lb chain
1x5@225+80lb chain
1x3@245+80lb chain
my pec was hurting at this point and I couldn’t keep the elbow in so I stopped at 3 reps and moved on.

2board bench close grip
3x5@225 paused

band fly 3x10 superset with push downs 3x10

That was enough for week 2, stead progress.

Good to hear you’re back into your lifting again and it sounds like you’ve got a sweet gym setup. I’m curious about the fact you said you’ve missed like 3 squats during your whole time training and that this is down to not going to failure. I’m really on the other side of the fence. I love going to failure. I love the exhilaration of not knowing whether I’m going to make a lift when I get under the bar. I have been advised to ‘test’ the lifts only once per month, but like doing it more often. And even when I’m not doing a 1RM workout I’m doing AMRAP - as many reps as possible.

I too came back from a long break in November. I worked with light weights for about a month and a half - about 50% of my 1RM, which I think was the right way of going about things.

I’m making good progress the last couple months. I’m fascinated by someone that does it so differently - you are obviously very strong - so I might research this further.

Anyway, sorry for the hijack bro!! Happy lifting.

I use an RPE system and only test true maxes on the platform. Now that I am not completing anymore, I am unsure of how I will handle it. I spent 5 years training with Brian Carroll, and still use many of his 10/20/Life principles. If I work near a max constantly, I will run a much higher risk of injury. At this point in my lifting I have had

ACL, MCL, both meniscus repaired
Torn pec tendon from bone and muscle belly tear
Part torn tri
part torn bi
Part torn hamstring
part porn glute

Honestly I am a walking mess haha, so I cant run risk of injury during a training lift.