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Jonah Lomu's BB Debut


The former NZ rugby brick shithouse of a winger has competed in a Wellington show.

He's had a kidney replacement in recent years and has suffered with other injuries since his semi-retirement but I was surprised at his condition.

The man is an absolute monster of an athlete but body builder?



In playing days.


Yah, there had to only be one other guy in his class if he was able to take 2nd looking like that...

Quads look sick in that other pic though.


he doesnt look very good in my opinion.
i think he wouldve shown better with the 60kg he lost for the show... he is 6'4 after all


Agreed, I was expecting more to be honest.


He looks...really small and flat.



Some more pics from his show. I'm not sure how he placed second even, must have been judged well on the acrobatics.

I hope his come back playing for Marseille goes a little better.


I would not be surprised if there was not some level of bias from the judges, dude is a hero.


This. You can never underestimate the NZ publics love of all things Lomu.


This. You can never underestimate the NZ publics love of all things Lomu.


Lomu is a freak! So he didn't do that well in the show, who cares love him for what he is! Stats to keep everyone quiet: At the 1995 Rugby World Cup Lomu was 19 years old, 122kgs (which I think is overstated but thats what the officials and other teams said) and ran the 100m in 10.8s! Nuff said!

Oh and he made Mike Catt his bitch :slight_smile:




Jonah is a legend in New Zealand for what he did, and for how he acted through his rugby career, and then for the way he has gone about living with his unfortunate kidney disease.

As much as I am very happy for him and what he is doing, I was surprised by his result and got LOTS of odd questions at work by colleagues about how someone in his shape could place 2nd.

Still, he's an inspiration and a legend.


Would his kidney problems make him look flat like that?
Or is it just that he wasn't ready for the show?


He just looks like shit.


For a bodybuilder maybe but for someone who has gone through what he has, he looks pretty good. I would warrant that he looks better than a fair proportion of the posters on this site.


Of course. I'm not trying to take away from his accomplishments. But, as a bodybuilder, he looks like shit. If he thinks he should have entered a BB contest in his current state, he's fucking delusional. If a BB tried to play rugby and fucked it up like this, no one would sympathize.


If it was a national hero, yes they would.


Not in a mainstream sport where it actually matters. Bodybuilding is a sideshow, so people can get away with not taking it seriously. If this guy decided to shit all over a sport that people really cared about, he would have gotten a different reception.


Also understand that this show wasn't his goal. His primary goal that he is conditioning himself for his rugby come back in Dec