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Jonah Hex Trailer


I haven't read the comics, but this movie looks badass! Great cast too. Summer 2010 is going to be a great summer for movies if you have a pair of testicles.


I hope Megan Fox doesn't have any more than 5 lines in the movie. Putting her next to Josh Brolin will make her look like the worst actress in the history of movies.


I had heard there where several "bumps" while filming the movie and they wanted to do reshoots, however looking at the trailer I'm excited about this film.


Looks good...will be watching. And,damn,Megan Fox..is fucking..awful.


Sorry, but I am more interested in seeing Solomon Kane than Jonah Hex. Hex looks entertaining, but Kane looks epic.


Yeah, I hate seeing Megan Fox dressed up like a whore and talk about being felt up too.


Sorry, Bujo. But her acting is terrible. She killed the whole trailer for me....for like 2 seconds.

Looks bad ass, though.


I don't know, man. That was pretty good whore acting. Its not like she has to be a geisha or anything.