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Jon Stewart


Great or Greatest American ever?


I'm not sure if this was a facetious question or not, but it's fitting that your avatar has a fire extinguisher...

I really like Jon Stewart, because his show is the only one where political topics get discussed without the participants trying to yell over top of each other.

Also, I like that even with his liberal slant, he doesn't simply act derisive and patently shitty to people he disagrees with. He may joke and mock them, but I don't ever hear the kind of "why do you hate America?" Fox News drivel. I think it comes down to the fact that Jon Stewart is self deprecating enough to not let his ego drive the interviews. Also, he has grown from his days of soft-balling John Kerry, to his stumping of Obama's budget director on bank bailouts.

The funny thing is that most of the people who dismiss him as a comedian with an agenda, or an agenda with comedy don't watch regularly. Their only exposure is when something happens to land him on the larger networks like his row with Cramer (which you'll notice was conducted in a respectful manner and not dickish) I'd certainly watch if there were a conservative analog who could pull off the same sort of dynamic. The unintentional comedy of Glenn Beck doesn't count...


How about, comedian that usually is not much funny and is generally very predictable?

As to not watching regularly, I don't know why watching constantly, instead of seeing him say 50 times total, would be the key to having a more accurate appraisal.

Except, if having the requirement that for opinions we value, we select only for those persons that watch constantly, we would be pre-selecting almost exclusively for those that really like him in the first place. Huh, wonder how that will turn out?

Selection bias is a great way to get, well, biased results.

Wow, if we consider only those that watch him "regularly," those people think he's really good! That's amazing!

Not that I am saying you are in this category -- I'd quite doubt it -- but what is really sad is people that think his show is news and he is not only a newsman of sorts, but great. Uh, news flash: he has no interest in giving anything like a full picture and has no great interest in his picture being accurate, but rather that it be amusing. If there is a single sound bite that will make it sound like what he is saying has a point -- never mind that it requires omitting the context which will prove otherwise -- then he'll grab it. Fine, it's a comedy show!

But mistaking this for being a news source, as some actually do, is sad.


There has never been a real debate on the Daily Show. It's all just smoke and mirrors to keep the stupid liberal kiddies in a disinformation coma.

But keep watching...I'm sure he'll eventually say something funny and apt -- probably even offend some people that need to be offended -- and then apologize for it.

Weak sauce!!


total putz and it is really sad that a majority of young people get their entire sense of the world and current events from him . . .


He's funny, intelligent, and I disagree with him often.

I still watch the show. I still think it is funny. But I'm grounded enough to enjoy the comedy and think about the questions without just assuming the conclusions of the Daily Show cast right up front.

South Park is what amounts to the conservative version of humor, and I love South Park as well.

So... no, not the greatest American, but certainly a good comedian.


South Park, conservative? It's mostly weakly principled libertarianism.


Stewart is a hypocritical ass. He is way too in love with himself for any sane person. I bet when he wakes up every morning he sniffs his own underwear.

The guy isn't a political pundit, or a comedian, yet he claims to be both AND neither......... Sounds like delusionment to me.

Why does he hammer away at all the other pundits that call their own shows "satire", yet get to remain infailable? He is doing the exact same thing. He a weasel. A hypocrite. He is, in his own words, "hurting America".

His brain-dead, video game addicted, stoner, immature, fart and weiner joke audience thinks that his show is a credible source of news. Shows a lot about the mental capacity of people that think he is doing serious work.

Some of Stewart's underhanded bullshit:


That sums it up for me.

I download every show though.


Stewart is an asshole. He is not the least bit funny. His attempts at humor are moronic and very predictable.

The only reasons why I used to watch him on a regular basis were:

A. Because I wanted to know what the choad was saying.

B. He sometimes got interesting interviews.

C. Stephen Colbert

Now Colbert has his own show and Stewart no longer has the President and Vice President to trash, the show is no longer sometimes funny, nor relevant.


I sense most of the people in this Politics forum are either -

A)Angry McCain supporters

B)Have no sense of Humor

C)Like to do Blatant generalization of a show they hardly watch and stereotyping of viewers of the show


I "sense" you are pretty intolerant of those with different views than yourself and therefore any opinion of theirs that disagrees with you, must be a consequence of bad things about them personally: anger, no sense of humor, blatant stereotyping.

Funny how "liberals" (by the current definition" are so often intolerant of those having political views different than theirs, in ANY regard. Even learning that a given person disagrees with them on ONE point often yields a nasty, negative emotional response of attacking the person, such as yours.

Sad really.


You must have missed school the day they covered Irony.


That's true, only "liberals" (by the current definition "conservatives" use) are intolerant on PWI. Who could possibly argue otherwise?


I love John Stewart. He's not quite as great as Bill Maher, but he's up there.

One of the only shows that openly mocks the absolute ridiculousness of politics.


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I'm going by the more classic definition of conservative... which is basically libertarianism.

Libertarians, after all, are "far right extremists." :wink:

And I wouldn't exactly say the Daily Show has STRONG liberal principals, so I'd call it a good comparison.




I'll give you one point for massive irony, and then take it away because I do indeed watch the Daily Show semi-regularly.

So you're 0 for 3. Care to step up to the plate again?


Why can't he its his own fucken show?


Yes because only liberals are like this. C'mon man, there are "intolerant" people on every side of the fence. Just look at O'Reilly or Limbaugh.

I like Jon Stewart. It's obvious he has a liberal stance but any kind of bias will be prevalent in a "news show" (yes, I believe his shows can be considered news to some extent). But to me, his show is the only news show on TV where there is the least amount of bias and where you can at least get an overview of what's going on in the world currently. Obviously you can't be limited to just the Daily Show, because he clearly has his opinion on issues and often states it. We'd all be better off reading various newspapers and trying to come up with an opinion by ourselves. The more FACTUAL information you know, the better you can analyze the issue and make an educated argument. By the way, I am not "liberal" or "conservative" in any sense of the words. I am liberal, conservative, or libertarian on various issues.