Jon Secada

Call me a flaming homo, but I digged this dude.

Whatever happened to him?

Selling vaccum cleaners door to door? Working construction with the Fridge?

He’s buttfucking Richard Marx

Here ya go…dude did have some good songs, and hey all Latin music is good in my opinion.

Jon Secada totally kicks ass. Don’t be ashamed! “Do you believe in us” “mental picture” “too late too soon” “Just another day” and “if you go” are my personal FAV’S. He was the manly/cool version of Ricky Martin until Ricky screwed up the latin soft rock scene.

Just Another Day was an awesome song, great beat.

Thank you Doogie. I someone would come through. :wink:

I played his song “Angel” over and over after my wife died. It brought me to tears many times and even today, 10 years later, it still will tug at my heart. The Spanish version was especially powerful.

I was going to rip on him, but out of respect to sully, I’ll say it’s all good.

Man, Sully. I wasn’t prepared for the words “after my wife died” in this thread. I realize that it’s been a while, but that had to be so hard. I sometimes wonder how anybody weathers something that difficult. I guess one answer is that music can help.

So now I’m the asshole.