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Jon Lajoie - Comedic Genius



I love Jon Lajoie, I will stick to it that I knew about him way before the rest of the bandwagon arrived!

Those are some of his middle of the road videos, when I think of Jon Lajoie I think of these:


He's way overrated. Maybe I'm just too stupid to recognize "genius", but I just don't see it at all. He's marginally talented, but just not very funny. Really, I don't think hes half as funny as people make him out to be.


taco is da man


That makes two of us. I've been loving his stuff since 2007. He's hilarious. I agree that Everyday Normal Guy (1 & 2) are probably his best works.

He's a freaking genius.


First time I saw "high as fuck" I just couldn't believe it. I have done all those things while stoned - sat in front of the mirror, had heart palpitations, gone to the store but been to scared to go in... great stuff, so true.


Cold Blooded Christmas

I thought this one was very funny as well; one of the first ones I saw.

Timely post as I just noticed this the other day and was curious... check out the guy wearing the "E" shirt on the Fox Fantasy Football site. Is that JonLajoie?


All classics. But you forgot "Everyday Normal Crew"


I love "The League", Taco and Rafi are pure gold.


Anyone else think he kinda looks like Mike Boyle in that "Pedophile Beard" clip?

You also forgot the best one of them all: