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Jon & Kate +8


....fingers point to Kate.... (...oh no he DIDNT!!..... OH YESS HE DID!!!)


Jon finally found his balls.



...wait, what?


Man, fuck this show.

I watch it, I follow the news on these two. Anyway, I'm siding with Jon. Kate wants the house and kids, but don't the kids like Jon better...

In regards to Kate...I so would, in a heartbeat.


I say put the kids back in kate.


Rediculous! You guys seriously watch this shit? Why is having 8 kids when everything is paid for you some big fucking deal? My mother had 13 brothers and sisters, all born one year after another. So when the oldest was 13 the youngest was being born. My grandmother didn't work and my grandfather was a factory worker. Seriously, people always had big families and they had a lot less resources than joh and kate who since the first fucking show have had everything given to them. I have been forced to watch it a few times by wifey and every time I leave the room in disgust. I'd rather do dishes or laundry than watch these stupid fucking reality TV shows.

Sorry, I just really hate them.



I have never seen this show and I have no idea why anyone has any interest at all in this family. Don't people have their own family issues to deal with?


Amen brother. Fuck the whiny cunts, all 10 of em.




Hell yes... Hottest real mom on TV.


where is your avatar from? that shit is hilarious! in other news tv sucks.


Its all scripted. Now she will show how tough it is to handle a divorce and take care of the kids. The storyline was getting boring so the producers spiced it up a bit. Season two in the making.


A bodybuilding show I bet


What the hell are you talking about? They're like five seasons in or something.

And really, I love how everyone around here is acting like the family are the bad people. You go ahead and have eight kids, and if you're giving an opportunity like that, I guaran-fucking-tee anyone on this site would take it. You can just chalk another point up to "Reality TV = Total Shit."


i would for sure to, damn so dis means no more luv for jon. I c him being lonel ver soon. so now jon is cgonna be bangin chics on da side lata. Kate is gonna find out and bang som men to retaliate and get impregnated . Next thing u kno we have a jon n kate plus 10. wit a mexican kid and a black kid in da mix


Kate is pretty, however she acts so bitchy..She was definitely out of his league, however with her attitude, she's super high maintenance. I would hate to have a wife who is such a control freak...I heard John has a female following from the show, so he will be knee deep in it...


She is a fucking cow that bossed him around the whole show according to my wife...American chopper built a bike for him fer fuck sakes.He commented more than once that it only had one seat,no room for here lol...And to think some gullible do-godders sent them money out of their own pocket.Too bad for the kids though,no Dad around.


Hmmm....yes and no.


Karma is a bitch though.....this is what happens when you try to milk fame and fortune instead of truly putting your family first. Jon was tired of the show and fame...I don't blame him. She didn't care...she wanted to milk it to the wheels fell off.


haha. oh. well shows how much I pay attention to the show.