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Jon Jones Tests Positive For Steroids after UFC 214

Late last night the UFC announced that Jon Jones tested positive for roids after UFC 214 and was stripped of his title and facing a 4 year ban. As of now the title will be given back to Cormier.
I’m not caught up on the history of Jones but apparently he’s already been banned once for a different PED.

Love to hear everyone’s thoughts - Discuss!

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Twitter mob mentality latched on to this one. Like torches and pitchforks but funnier.


The sad part is not really that this POS was juicing.

It’s the modern disbelief that Jones is a POS.

"It can’t be that easy! Surely there’s reasons he cannot get a break! It’s either racism, a conspiracy or a caribbean curse!

If someone get flagged for coke(and brags about it), low T (he’s simply a low T athlete), runs over red lights and generally drives around shitfaced (the pregnant lady was a-ok), initiates brawls on press days (it was…promotion!) …etc…

…he MUST be unusually unlucky because no sane person would actively do those things!"

It’s the liberal catch 22 for thugs.


I wanted kimbo slice to be good way back in the day. Just because it would be a rags to riches story. I don’t think Jones is a thug, just a cheater.

Don’t bring race into this too. Let me enjoy my violence on the TV dammit.

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Anyone know about how long till the B sample results come out?