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Jon Jones on Joe Rogan Experience


Just uploaded on you tube, i dont care for the guy but maybe we will see how good he can lie.


I probably won’t watch it but I feel for Jon Jones as a person who obviously has a problem. I don’t feel for him as one of the most talented fighters to ever step in the Octagon who squandered more than one second chance.


I watched it last night when i got off work. Jon covers his mouth alot when he talks, and apparently has a long history of substance abuse.
When Joe asked about car accident and leaving the scene, he said since he wasn’t hurt. He though she was fine and wanted to get rid of weed pipe.
Then later on talks about getting drunk the night before and only getting a few hours sleep.
And how he bought cialis at gas station which is why he tested positive for clomid and levoxerone.
When you have two brothers in nfl you should be better schooled in peds.
Just another example of wasted talent, i think some things come so easy for people that when any adversity comes along they fail.
Instead of wasting 2 hours listening to excuses, listen to the Victor Conte episode my favorite JRE, and hear about bob sapp buying the Clear by the gallon.
Apparently on dec 11 he competes against Hendo in grappling submission match.


Just listened to this, couldn’t help but notice how much he was focused on himself, like if the pregnant woman died or lost the baby his first thought was how terrible that would be for his career. A minute later, he tried to spin it into concern for her. He talked about how he had everything and it all got “taken from him.” No, you fucked up.

I think he still hasn’t owned his problems but I’m routing for him. I like to see people get their lives together.


Gone off him since saw that vid of him with a cop acting like an entitled douche.

I think half the problem was that relatively speaking hes too good/light heavyweight is too easy for him. At 6’4 should have nutted up and gone to heavyweight to give himself some challenge and focus


I have no respect. He is just another example of a pampered , pussified, professional athlete. Fuck him.


It’s unfortunate but when some athletes achieve fame and money at a very early age it goes straight to their head and they think they can do no wrong. He is a pathetic figure who is throwing his career and a good deal of his life away because he cannot control himself. It is ironic because it takes a great deal of discipline to train as hard as he does yet he shows no discipline in his personal life. Again most of this can be attributed to becoming larger than life at a very early age.

I think he certainly is the greatest MMA fighter who ever stepped into a cage or ring anywhere. But in the long-run like a chain we are only as strong as our weakest link.

It will now be a race to see if he matures faster than he ages. If he does we will see him fight many more times. If he doesn’t then it is one more kid with money and fame who found out too late that without maturity and discipline you have nothing in the end.