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Jon Jones is Dirty

I love how people are still giving Jon Jones the benefit of the doubt. They say, “Oh Turninabol is so exotic and rare.” Bullshit. There’s a hundred underground labs and they almost ALL have Oral Turinabol. It would take 50-100 bucks and he’d be all set on a light cycle of OT.

I have nothing against PEDs to be totally honest. Just stop giving this guy the benefit of the doubt. He’s been popped numerous times now, first it was dick pills, than a supplement… C’mon. Give me a break.Just own it. People will respect that. We all know the playing field isn’t always level. Jon Jones doesn’t need that shit. He was a great fighter as a beanpole and a pleasure to watch. It makes me sad I won’t get to see him again in the cage for at least 2 yrs. So sad.

It’s a shame that one of the greatest mma fighters to ever step in a cage is an immature, lying punk. But that is exactly who Jon Jones is. Taking ped’s is simply another way to cheat. No different than the old time boxers of yesteryear putting lead in their boxing gloves. Jones has cheated so often how can anyone believe that he’ll ever play it straight in the short-term? Jones has thrown tens of millions of dollars out the window in his quest to win at any cost. He needs to grow up, accept the fact that the only way to win is to play it straight and follow the rules.

I wish him the best…what a tragic story.

And everyone thinks Oral Turinabol is so rare. I can name, but I won’t, 4 online domestic sources that I KNOW are reputable and have Turinabol. I’m sure some guys have found the next generation of PEDs, but USADA isn’t fooled by many (any) anabolic hormones now. You just juice and hope you don’t get tested. Or you don’t… And I fully believe many, if not all, are at least trying to get away with something. They have hundreds of fighters on the roster, and these aren’t cheap tests. Why would they spend money on a test and not their own fighters.

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Agree with drsuzy, the majority of these fighters are probably using some type of PED’s, they just either aren’t getting tested as often (because they aren’t as big of names, or worse yet are sheltered by White and Co), are lucky enough to have cycled off them when they do get tested, or perhaps in some cases are lucky enough to get a hold of substances that are “ahead” of the testing procedures.

That said, I also agreed with Zeb that Jones is indeed a tragic case, similar to the likes of Tyson, Hernandez, Kerr, or many other Combat athletes of the past who had incredible talent and the world at their fingertips and through it all away.

Jones could have been the greatest MMA fighter to ever compete without the use of PED’s, and Now he’ll just go down as maybe the greatest “could have been (similar to Tyson).”

I don’t know. When you consider the physical and psychological benefits of PEDs maybe Jones is average without them. Does he beat Cormier and Gustafson without them? Jones + PEDs + Coke + eye pokes = the GOAT.

Ouch! Zecarlo for the win!

It’s possible.

The problem is we have no way of knowing when Jones started using PED’s. Did he beat Shogun while on them? Rashad? Rampage? Sonnen? Who really knows.

All we really know for certain is when he first got popped for using them. He had already beat most of the best LHW’s in the UFC at that point though (all in convincing fashion with the exception of Gus).

So, unless he had been using since before facing Shogun, I’m still gonna say he was one of the greatest talents and most well rounded fighters in MMA history without the (known) use of PED’s.

I can’t argue with your line of reasoning but I don’t give him the benefit of the doubt.

Using ped’s does not give you the skill to throw a spinning back fist, or the exceptional use of elbows. Nor does it give you the proper timing in the execution of a takedown which Jones has shown repeatedly against Cormier and others. No, Jones is a gifted fighter with actual talents that exceed any other mma that I have ever seen. Obviously we don’t know when he first began cheating. But what we do know from his raw talent is that he never needed to use such drugs.

Yeah, that’s the worst part. He was already a wrecking machine. If anything, extra muscle is bad in mma. Listen to the second Chael Sonnen appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. You can watch on youtube. He goes into all of this very deeply. Sonnen is a smart, well-spoken dude.

We don’t know that he didn’t need drugs, that is only speculation. Drugs might not affect skill but they affect speed, endurance, strength, power, recovery and psychology. All things Jones, or any other fighter, needs in order to be in the position to use their skills. Look at Belfort off drugs. He has the skill but nothing else, except losses. If we assume Cormier is clean then imagine what he would have done against Jones on drugs.

True and that is all I was talking about.

But it takes more than skill to be a champion.

True, GSP is a good example of that. Great skill set, intelligence, consistency. He is the total package. And he was never busted for ped’s.

I’d like to see Randy Couture’s results in the USADA protocol. They talk about him like they used to talk of Lance Armstrong.

I’m not sure that is fair commentary comparing Couture with Armstrong. Unless you know something that the rest of us do not. I do know that Randy was a very big advocate of cardio training and would bike 50 to 100 miles and do other insane long distance cardio work. Yet, I have never once heard that he had taken any illegal substances. And if you look at him in his heyday he doesn’t really look like he did anything illegal that would enhance his musculature.

Certainly I could be wrong. But to compare him to Armstrong without a single scintilla of evidence is not being fair to him.

i suppose i’m being a bit premature, but didnt he retire before they banned TRT?

I honestly don’t recall. But even if he did that doesn’t mean that he used TRT when he fought. We need evidence which leads to proof of such a claim. To my knowledge there isn’t any.