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Jon Fitch's Diet


Just wondering what everybody thinks of this. He says needing lots of protein is something cooked up by companies producing meat. Why not just get naturally raised meat? I read a study showing athletes eating 1g of protein/lb body weight left them still in a negative nitrogen balance. Is he completly uninformed? or do we have it wrong? Could the enzymes and protein provided by natural veggies be enough?

Either way I'm not giving up my meat, but would like to see if anyone else eats like this with success.


I read somewhere that since he's switched to a vegan diet his walking around weight pre-camp has dropped considerably. Fitch is one of the bigger welterweights, so I guess we'll see if he performs any differently in a few weeks against BJ. As far as I'm concerned, as a fighter, recovery should be his main concern. If he can recover properly and maintain strength and intensity in his training, then all the power to him. I know for a fact his endurance and stamina, something he's already known for, will only get better with his new diet. As a long term vegan myself, the overall feeling provided by that type of lifestyle is worth the limitations it imposes.

Also, Jake Shields is a lifetime vegetarian and he's no slouch.


Yea I read about Jake as well as a few others. Maybe the weight cut will help him out. GSP said John Fitch was the most technical and toughest fighter he ever faced, but that was before this change. I'm looking forward to his fight with Penn. And like you said, as long as he can recover who cares. I just don't understand why adding in natually raised meat to the diet could possibly be viewed as a negative.


Fitch sucks period. He won't ever be a contender. He can't/won't finish his opponents.

Is it any wonder GSP owned him so badly?


This guy doesn't have an explosive fiber in his body....that was pitiful


He does look pretty sluggish, however he is one of the best. I guess we'll see how this diet works out for him when he fights BJ.


I don't care much for Fitch but I'm certain he would wreck you. Your bobbing and weaving and explosiveness don't mean shit when you're on your back.


Well yeah bruh! Im a Boxer, hes a cage fighter. 2 completely different sports.....took you a lot to come up with that though right?