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Jokers on Leader

Since i have a really low TM right now i was thinking maybe adding jokers on first and third week, done 3/5/1 5s pro, leader program. Done with ssl three cycles then 531 PR sets and 5x5 fsl.

Is this a bad idea?

Depends on how experienced, what are your goals and how smart you are.

Powerlifter with a several years of serious competing: why not, you should propably know how to play it smart.

Casual lifter with just couple years of lifting: fuck no.

You are free to do everything you want, just remember that training is not testing.


OP, just focus on increasing your TM slowly over time by the recommended increases after each cycle. Think 12+ months equals 100+ lbs on Squats/DL etc. Even if your real TM’s can shoot up faster, Jim still doesn’t recommend adjusting your TM up higher than the recommend amounts anyways.

I would not call my self experienced, but for example, i did this spring have close to a 400 lbs bench.
Coming off a layoff now, and have set my tms really low. Thats the reason for jokers and ssl.

Yes you can do whatever you feel might work for you, but I don’t remember any 5/3/1 programs that specify Jokers in Leaders, which makes sense if doing the Leader/Anchor thing. If anything, Jim stresses that they’re overused and ‘never necessary’. Start too light and progress slowly, you’ll be fine.

You can think that if you need to ask about jokers you should not use them.

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This x 10. You probably need to get a deeper understanding of the purpose of leaders and anchors before you start messing with programs. The leaders are to build up volume at lower intensity levels, and then you realize those in the raised intensity anchors.