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Joker Supersets from Beyond 531


After 5 cycles of 531 + Triumverate, I decided to try the Joker Sets + FSL from Beyond 531. In the Kindle version there’s a section called Joker Supersets and it gives an example of a Bench Press workout with a variety of pulling exercises. I really like that workout.

I do the exact same pulling exercises (band pull aparts, dumbell rows, pullups, and curls) when I do the press workout. I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with that, but I wonder if anyone else has a different set of pulling exercises they use for the supersets when they do the press workouts and that has worked for them. I think my pulling strength is weak, compared to my pushing strength.



I’ve been doing it forever, and it works well for me.


You could always add facepulls


I do some type of pull each day I train. Pull up between BP and OHP sets, then a lighter movement like a cable type row, higher rep DB row,or face pulls. On squat day , bands pull aparts then lat pull down, on DL day heavy moment like BB row