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Joker Sets Clarification

Jim, I have your Beyond 5-3-1 book, and in it, you say Joker sets are the best new edition to 531,should always be in your training program, and be the one thing to take from the book. However, I’ve seen numerous posts on here claiming you now wish you had never written about them. Is this true? If so, why the big change of opinion?

Because people were abusing it. Every work out, every template, every where…

It was not the intent or how it came about.

There you go. I should point out that I’m glad I wrote about it now - I can’t control how people choose to use the information and do the exact opposite of its purpose. Just don’t bitch about it when you fuck up.

Cool thanks. Same problem as always then.

Here is the easiest explanation on days when you feel good and only those days,

Go for a PR on your last set
Rest 5 minutes
Do joker sets with good form
Finish the exercise with FSL, Pyramid, BBB

Otherwise just business as usual