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Joker Lips

You know, what happens when the corners of your mouth star to become pink, same tone as your lips, and little lines appear as well. This means I’m missing something from my diet, right? Would Superfood or a multivitamin help fix this?

You want to know how I got these scars?

Example #1,000
(you over analyze, lol)

you just drank some red kool aid?

Why so serious?

Sounds like you’re talking about cheilosis. Frankly it could just be because of the cold (like chapped lips). If it is a deficiency, a multi should help. You should be taking one anyway. And Superfood. =P

[quote]B rocK wrote:
Example #1,000
(you over analyze, lol)[/quote]

Well, it kind of hurts…

If it is cheilosis then it could be a vitamin b2 (riboflavin) deficiency.


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Use some lip balm, right now. The flesh is probably dehydrated(this would be due to mouth breathing at night(. This is most likely due to a mild viral infection(cold/flu). BTW do a stuffy or runny nose? mild chest gongestion you could be mouth breating at night to compensate for a lack air through normal breathing.

If you want my suggestion, buy some vitaminC and D. Basically megadose them. 25000 I.U.'s (just ONCE though, and take 3-6 grams of vitamin C a day) this really shortens and blunts the impact of a cold/flu for me. Superfood would be a great idea since it is a general health type of supplement. Also eat some more fruit.

ps. Been sucking on tube steak lately?

pss. Have you been losing weight/fat recently? Working really hard? anything that my contribute to a less than hearty immune system?