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Ok. My knees and elbows start aching like there is not cartilage or lubrication between my bones every time I get under the weights. I know people have suggested flax oil, but any other thoughts? This is becoming a pain as I have the strength but I feel like I’m an old man with bad joints and I’m only 14 years old.


When I was young and still growing like mad, sometimes my joints would just hurt. “Growing Pains” you know? Just don’t get stupid with really heavy weight and really low reps and you’ll probably be ok.

** HOWEVER, all medical issues should really be taken to a professional. **

You most likely are experiencing symptoms of Osgood-Schlatter. It happens when you are physically active and in a growth spurt. Sorry to say, there is not really anything to do about it other than accept the fact that it exists.

Normal sports therapy (ice, compression, etc) can help a bit, but you pretty much are stuck with it for a while.

On the bright side, it means you are getting taller.