Joints Killing

knees and hips mostly. this is my second cycle; first cycle was just test e and now i just got two injections in of test p in the last 3 days and my hips and knees are killing… i didnt have this problem in my first cycle… is this maybe caused from a different problem or is it usual?

just want to know if im being a bitch and just need to suck it up and shut up

three days ago 100mg test p and then today i injected 200mg in the glute, on opposite sides

Are you taking an AI? If so, at what dose? If you are taking one you may have driven estrogen levels too low, which may cause joint pain. among other problems. A lab test would confirm this.

The joint pain could also be non-steroid related. Training, diet, etc.

Also, are you pinning Test Prop every three days?

Why are you shooting prop every third day? Should be shot ED or EoD minimum. Like eaboadar stated, are you taking an AI?

i am doing it every other day sorry… i dont know why i typed that… time change has me all messed up
and no al yet