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Joints Hurting and Energy Levels Decreased


I just based my response off of prior experience some pretty safe assumptions:

A) He has job, school, both, or some other outside stress. While I know this is stuff that we all have to train through, certain weeks it definitely takes its toll, during these times I know my head isn't 100% in the game.

B) He is probably not eating/ and or sleeping enough

C) When he stated that he has been on his current program, that the three months he has been on it has been with out a break and has hit the gym with sufficient intensity.

I'm not trying, nor do I have the credentials, to give him a clinical diagnosis of what is causing the fatigue and joint pain. I just simply gave a pretty safe general recommendation of giving the hurting joint a little time off, eating more and sleeping more, which I didn't really feel warranted knowing all of his stats.

just my .02


Have you been tested for lyme?


Own references... which is a mistake if the background isn't clear.