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Joints Hurting and Energy Levels Decreased


I have been training the same program for a couple of months now, with good gains, but lately my joints have started to hurt and my energy and strengh has decreased a little bit.

What do you guys do, when you start to feel like that? Do some deload or maybe take some days of or start on another program or what?

fish oil and more food. what joints specifically hurt?

do some mobility work.

My wrists hurt alot but also my shoulders. What kind of mobility work would you recommend?

But could it also be a sign of overreaching?

It could be any number of things…

  1. Undernourished
  2. Training Program imbalance
  3. Exercise selection (too many exercises that place a large amount of stress on shoulders/wrists)
  4. Lack of rest/recovery
  5. High levels of “Life Stress” outside gym
    etc, etc.

Your post is far too vague for anyone to give you any constructive feedback. If you could give a summary/overview of your current training, nutrition, and supplementation regiment, (as well as additional contributing factors you feel are relevant, if any) could provide the basic info needed to help you.

The more info you can provide, the more feedback you will get.

also get your vitamin D level checked low D can cause fatigue and “bone pain”

agree your description not really specific enough

Up the caloric intake, take a step back for a week and get some sleep.

Take a deload week and/or start a new program

Thanks for the good replies. I am gonna take a couple of days off training and start a new program. Hopefully that, along with a bit higher calorieintake and more sleep, will take care of my problems.

I think adding some neural charge workouts would help you, as well :slight_smile:

[quote]humseper wrote:
Thanks for the good replies. I am gonna take a couple of days off training and start a new program. Hopefully that, along with a bit higher calorieintake and more sleep, will take care of my problems.[/quote]

DUDE! Don’t do all of those things at once, you’ll never figure out what the cause of the problem is. Start off just take a few days off, if that doesn’t fix it up your calories, still not it get more sleep. See where I’m going with this.
Also changing the program you’re on seems a little silly if you’re getting good gains out of it, make that your last resort unless you stop making progress. Don’t be a program hopper, there is no magic pill, use a program until you stop progressing then up the intensity. Good luck.

^listen to ice cube

[quote]liffy wrote:
I think adding some neural charge workouts would help you, as well :)[/quote]

wtf is a “neural charge” workout?

Something he picked up from CT, I guess. I find it very hard to believe he has any clue what it means though…

You should know that people are just guessing on here, based on THEIR experience, not yours. But I agree with synergy93 and dday.

Usually my shoulders are always sore and a few steps away from injury. Focus on excellent posture (shoulder blades retracted + depressed or ‘chest up and out’) at all times, foam roll, do face pulls, wall slides and scap pushups. Work rear delts more. Wrists, I dunno. Use an ez-bar, whatever else I dunno.

Usually I get demotivated and achey in the joints ( a genral all over ache, not related to a specific ‘event’) afterheavier volume training. I take 1 week, keep the same lifts buttrain at a reduced volume, still aiming for a weight PR, maybe in a slightly lower rep range or whatever. Next week I’m usually itching and impatient to get back in there training.

are you on a low carb diet?

Drink bourbon and sleep.

Just being honest.

are you benching more than usual? maybe your wrists hurt because your hands arent setup right, i.e. wrists under the bar and not cocked back. wrist wraps could help?

You might just need to rest for a while.

I experienced something similar in my left shoulder a couple months ago… I was performing military press and DB incline press every other day.

Three weeks later… hello mr stretch mark and mrs bursitis.

Luckily it was a mild case of bursitis and after stopping all pressing movements for about a month, my shoulder was fine.

I am by no means an expert, when it comes to this, seeing as how I have only been in the iron game for about 3 years now, but over the last year I have really made it a priority to listen to how my body feels.

As far as joints and programming go, I am not sure what you’re split looks like,but if you are placing significant stress on a joint too frequently, pain can arise. Last week I had to move my back day back a day, to the day before I trained chest, and I definitely felt like my training was not 100% on chest day, due to some slight shoulder irritation.

I feel like there are many factors that lead to lack of drive at the gym. From the information provided, or lack thereof, you could just need a little mental break from the gym, give yourself a few days away from it to rekindle that flame you know. Additionally, it is flu season, and I have noticed that my first signs of getting the flu/sick is a slight decrease in performance at the gym and appetite. Additionally, eat more and sleep more and see how that goes.

Just me .02

All of these replies and not one person asked for stats?


What the hell info are you all using to come to all of this advice?