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Joints Feeling Better With Flameout!


I'm not sure if it's the particular fish oil in Flameout, or the CLA. But my joints have never felt better since I switched to this product.

Has anyone else felt such an immediate difference??


I'll be tellin' ya when me order arrives, mate. Bein' as it'll be my first post-GNC EFA supplement experience.
While on me first go at the Velocity Diet, nonetheless...


Honestly, yes.

On week two and have been having tendonitis trouble in my right elbow for some time. Been aim to not aggrevate it but still always seemed to. Its getting noticably better in the past few days. Flameout being the only change.

Hope for more to come.


That is exactly what I'm talking about!

I have been having trouble with my shoulder. After approximately 10 days on Flameout my pain has been reduced by at least half!

I wonder how much better it will feel after 30 days?

This is an exciting product.


the samething happened with my friend who was having shoulder problems I told him about flameout and he ordered it been using for almost two weeks no more problems...he's back to doing standing overhead shoulder press with 225


My roomate is saying that his ankle and shoulder feel better.
I'm using it but haven't 'noticed' anything yet. I do like the high EPA/DHA in it. I have not been on it as long as him.


Thats good to hear. I just ordered 2 bottles. I unfortunately have chronic tennis elbow and after multiple cortisone shots and periods of time off the surgeon said my next step is surgery and being in cast for 6 weeks.




Were you taking fish oil, in at least as high of a dosage, previous to this?

Is the condition that has improved one that was chronic? Or was it new?


Joints better?
Tendonitis better?
Not yet, but I am hopeful.
Cy told me that studies showed, if I recall correctly, 6-8 weeks to show quantifable differences in pain reduction.
So, I wait and keep on poppin' those pills.


I've noticed a slight reduction in knee pain (perhaps 25%?). Hoping it will continue to improve. I've been using Flameout for about three weeks. I was taking 4 caps daily of fish oil previously.



I was using another high quality fish oil supplement. But as I have always said, if Biotest sells it I will buy it here first as a way to show my loyalty to a company that regularly gives out an incredible amount of free information.

However, I was not taking CLA. I don't know if it is the CLA or the combination of fish oil and CLA. Or the particular Biotest formula.

All I know is that it's working and I love it!

And I can see by some of the responses I'm not the only one who has noticed a difference in a short period of time.


Thanks for the site plug, but I'm already here ZEB.

I asked you 2 specific questions:

  1. Are you taking the same amount of oil?
  2. Was the condition chronic or new?


TC was saying how CLA's anti inflammatory properties are gold in the Flameout thread.

Who knows. They might not help in all that cholestrol changing that fish oil does, but it may be superior in the inflammatory category.


Not Zeb but seeing as I chimed in above as well.

1) same amount of fish oils total prior had been using 10 grams a day. Now still ten grams yet 4 come from Flameout.

2) Chronic last three years or so pretrty regular with some better and some worse times.



Taking the same amount.

Condition was chronic.


slight hijack....

I tried taking fish oil caps before (crappy cheap brand from Walmart) but I couldn't stand the fish burps.

Does anyone experience fish burps with FLAMEOUT? If it's just not avoidable could I just load up before I go to bed with all my fish oil supps for the day?




Any burps eventually go away.


I have to agree. My knees have always given me trouble. I started taking flameout about a week and a half ago and I am noticing a big difference. I still feel some slight discomfort, but nothing close to what it was.


We are all different. But I never once experienced "fish burps" when I purchased quality fish oil.

You might want to stop shopping for your supplements at Wal-Mart.

Flameout, for eample, has never given me "the burps."


I noticed more mental clarity on the first day taking Flameout. Hoping for some relief with shoulder pain, not yet, been on it about a week.