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Joints Are Clicking - a Lot


Hey guys, in recent days, I'm clicking a lot. My ankles, knees and shoulders are like click-fest (I'm just waiting for my elbows to start). I don't know what's the problem, I was always a bit shaky (my shoulders were always like this). I had a mild case of jumper's knee but it was from a lot of running. I feel no pain, except slight discomfort in my left knee, no strength loss also.

Today was deadlift day, and all the videos I did a loud cracking sound is heard (my knees) so I'm a bit worried. Should I check with the doctor? Ease out on the squating? (I front squat once a week (3x5) and bulgarian split squat once a week)


Yes clicking joints usually are not normally painful and it may be that you have over-trained and caused some soft tissue inflammations around your joints.

First thing to do is check on water intake. Do you drink at least 8 glasses of pure water a day? You need to drink JUST plain water to replenish the fluids surrounding your joints. Dehydration is the #1 cause of joint pain. Your urine should be a pale yellow color, if it's dark then you are dehydrated.

Second, it might be chronic inflamation.. Biotest offer a very good fish oil (which i must get :P) or else really bump up your fish oil dosage to high levels for a while see if that sorts it out.

And my final offering to you is, you could try a homeopathic medicine - ruta - get a 12c strength from the chemist and suck one twice a day for a couple of weeks and see if this helps to settle it. This is completely safe.

Hope you stop being a click-fest soon :slightly_smiling:


Water you say? It could be that, I don't drink nearly enough, time to start... Time to get some fish oil also.


My knees used to click all the time, without pain...then I started doing fascial and PNF stretches regularly and foam rolling the ITB. Now, very little clicking.


Ease back on any refined sugars as well.


Yeah all the refined sugar is rotting your teeth and joints?!?! Up the fish oil, stretch, workout any imbalances. The clicking and cracking usually comes with the territory, I guarantee almost everyone here has had it at one time or another.


My ankles crack all the time going upstairs ever stair and they never hurt. I haven't found anything to stop the cracking. I've taken fish oils and joint supplement (not to purposefully prevent them to crack but of other reasons) and they've done nothing. Pretty much the doctor will tell you "When they start to crack with pain, come back to see me"

And I drink 4-6L of water a day and that hasn't prevented them from cracking lol...


Hasn't done anything. I never eat refined sugar for months and months and yet to no avail my ankles still crack.


My bad.eat tons of that stuff, cause its good for everything.


Personally I'd check with a chiropractor rather than a M.D.


i cant tell you a time when my joints DIDNT crack.

i turn my head in either direction and my chest cracks too lol


homeopathic medicine is a joke