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Joints and Sweat


Just have 2 questions. I'm walking around at 205lbs, heaviest weight i have ever been at and I notice I sweat a ton more(12% bodyfat gone from 160-205 in past 9 months). Like in the gym and outside of it, if its hot I am pouring sweat just wondering how this relates to my body. Second question my joints kill me from all the heavy lifting. Mostly my shoulders and elbows, I am taking super cissus rx but it doesn't seem to help all that much. What have you guys found that works for sore joints?



Elbow/knee sleeves. Neoprene or whatever, just something that keeps the joint warm
Fish oil. (Antiinflammatory)
Smart exercise selection. If skullcrushers give you issues, try out PJRs or pushdowns and so on. Nothing wrong with that.


Supercissus won't make you invincible, lol, you still have to intelligently plan your training to avoid joint issues. Obviously back off the heavy training for a bit and up your rep range/get rid of aggravating exercises for a while to allow yourself to heal. Look at some of John Meadows articles to get an idea of how you should set up your training as far as exercise order to avoid injuries/nagging pain.


Sweating more rapidly is generally related to an increased metabolic rate. I sweat all day long...excessively. Lately, I literally have to bring two towels to train with because the first is soaked by the end of the workout....and it was nowhere near that bad even two months ago.


I agree with X. I'm not really big but i generate a lot of metabolic heat and sweat profusely even in moderate weather if I'm doing any physical activity. It has a lot to with muscle mass as well as blood viscosity. If had to choose between the extreme heat and the extreme cold, I would choose the latter because my body can tolerate it better. 20-30lbs from now I'll probably have to keep water on hand all the time so I won't die.