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Joints and strength


I do heavy bench pressing once a week. While my muscles seem to recover, my joints and tendons alot of times feel stiff. And I'm trying to figure out is my joints holding back my progress as far as my strength goes? Some weeks I can go really heavy and then the next week, with the same weight, I cant budge it and its always my joints feeling stiff. What can I do to solve this? Are there any supplements I should be taking?

  1. Glucosamin Chondroiton (spelling?)
  2. Elbow sleeves
  3. ????
  4. Profit!


fish oil

mini band tricep warmup

indian clubs (more for shoulders than elbows)


There are a lot of factors that go into this. Do you warm-up and cool down? Do you eat and sleep like shit? Do you vary your training at all?


My eating has plenty of room for improvement, I do get enough sleep, and I always lift heavy fo the most part.


i've heard (for what it is worth) that tendons and ligaments take longer to adapt than muscles partly because they don't get as good blood flow as the muscles do. they recover a bit slower. i also heard that slow negatives at light weights can help recovery by promoting blood flow. massage can help, too. maybe it will help.


And if all else fails, a deload. I have no idea what kind of deload would be ideal for you individually and I only barely have any idea of the best deload for myself at that lol.


you should look into cycling your training. can't go heavy all the damn time.


There's a Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplement by GLC Direct called GLC 2000 that works great for me.




Things that work for me: stretching very hard at the end of training

Hydrolyzed casein/MAG-10 immediately postworkout

Neptune krill oil.

As mentioned above, regular deloads FTW