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Joint Therapy

I’ve had various joint issues for about 4 years (I’m 21), and I’m pretty sick of it. They are a result of sports and lifting. Taking time off stems the pain, but it seems as if the problems come back pretty easily. I have a friend who is taking some anabolic for tendonitis and I decided to look into it too. For the record, I have tendonitis in both wrists and elbows and various knee and shoulder issues. Everytime I start making some gains, I usually lose them as a result of having to stop training. I want to look into ART, but right now I’m in Australia, so I figured I might as well do some other research.

From what I’ve read, Deca helps alleviate joint pain, but I want to fix the problems, not just relieve the pain (I’m taking fish oil and glucosamine and MSM too). Nandrolene and GH seem to have some rebuilding effects. What would you recommend? Is there something else out there that could help? Obviously I would talk to a doctor about it, but I want to know if it’s worth going to see the doctor in the first place.

I am currently able to lift pain free for the most part, but my joints get in the way for my martial arts training. Will either of these two let me keep training and still recover?

Fish oil, Glucosamine /Chondriton /MSM all work, but minimally in my estimation. I have found the ONLY way to get rid of tendonitis is complete rest…lol…we know you will not do that.

I have had good success with a product called Bigeloil. It is a product that is rubbed on the inflamed joints of racehorses to take the swelling down after racing. It is sold at many “tack” shops here in the US. It actually works better than the aforementioned for me.

Deca has worked for me at 300mg / week which is a small dose. It does take a few weeks to kick in though. I am starting a cycle of GH ttomorrow as a matter of fact. From what I have heard, it will do wonders for joint issues. We will see.

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There is a protocol of doing…think it was eccentrics only which some (I think TC included) have found helpful for tendonitis. If you search here or pubmed you can probably find info.

ALso high dose proteolytic enzymes e.g. wobenzyme or whatever the product is where you are on an empty stomach can work wonders.