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Joint Surgery and AAS


i have planned a simple 1st cycle.
i have not yet started it however.

in this say an old problem to my left wrist joint become critical and need surgery. I have to remove a cyst from the joint (it is not on the tendon, tendon is clean and healthy).

Doc say i need at last 7days of full recovery before starting to use the hand again. Training a think take longer :expressionless:

the cycle is an 8week of testo, winny and proviron.

should I delay the start of it when i'm full recovered or the testo may help me recovering?

thx to all


Delay the cycle until you are fully recovered :slightly_smiling:



Absolutely delay it. I made the mistake of continuing a cycling after I tore my ACL. The thing is I was unable to workout hard enought to reap the benefits of a cycle at that time so I got nothing out of it. I wouldn't do it if I could go back.


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Training could also slow down recovery post surgery :slight_smile: I found out the hard way.



Whatever you think you need for rest double it . You don't want an injury that never heal's right.