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Joint Support Help


Hey guys. I was just wondering what you all thought was the best joint support out there? Looking to go heavy soon and want to give my joints all the help I can get. Thanks guys.


I've become very reliant on Flameout (fish oils), curcumin (natural anti-inflam), and a cryo-cup (ice) on affected areas after every workout. Also, being smart about your training (nonlocking out, not doing weights you can only move for 1-2 reps etc) can make a big difference as well.



fish oil FTW . if you can about 20/30 grams a day ( ive done this for years). youll feel the difference after about a week.
in larger doses like this its more anti inflamertory than ibuprofen .
start about 10g a day and slowly increase until you get a bit soft in the toilet department then back off a bit .everybody is different as far as amounts they can handle.