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Joint Support Formulas

I am looking for a joint support formula. My knees are taking a pounding in wrestling, my elbows are showing signs of overtraining, and I have a tear in the cartilage of my chest from where I dislocated a rib last fall.

Glucosamine and Chondritin seem to be standard. MSM seems to be in most of the compounds, and then I see a formula by Schiff (“move free”) that has:

Chinese scullcap extract and black catechu (250 mg together) and “joint fluid” (hyaluronic acid 3.3mg).

I have also seen “gelatin from hydrolized collagen” and “hyaluronate” in at least 1 formula each

What is worth trying and what doses do you guys recommend?

I use schiff move free along with around 10g of fish oil a day, this helps me ALOT.