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Joint Supplements??


Joint supplements, are they effective and how many in what way?

is chondriton or glucosamine or fish oil good for creaky joints?
If yes, which, and how much and how taken and in what quantity?


after one bout with what I thought to be rather severe tendonitis (elbow), I would say YES to Glucosamine/Condroiton . used a bit of fish-oil along with it .

I used El Cheapo brand from El Cheapo Mart at the dosages listed on bottle . I'm sure that Flameout would be worth a shot.....I just prefer to NOT order from the I-net .


If only it were than simple. You won't know of you're a "responder" to glucosamine, chondriton, MSM, etc. until you try them.

Here's a very good discussion of joint health:



A friend of mine swears by chondriton and glucosamine. They made me sick on my stomach


I've been taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin for years, and considering the weights I move, I'm sure I'd be mroe of a mess if I didn't. I've added fish oils the past few months too, and noticed a big difference. I take 4 Flameouts a day and then throw in another 12 capsules from Vitamin World (so I get like 15-20g a day).



Some, myself included, consider glucosamine and chondroitin combined with Flameout a nice little insurance policy.

I do notice that Flameout alone seems to help with joint issues... if I don't take it I feel it in my knees. However, I'm not willing to give up the potential ability to rebuild cartilage.