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Joint Supplements


Can anyone recommend OTC supplements for joints, cartilage and ligaments. I'm hoping to avoid injury by being proactive. Thanks.


i use pro-flex 750


Go to Cooperwellness.com. On the left side hit radio program, and then listen to past radio shows. On May 10th I think it was, that the MD who takes care of the Pittsburg Steelers did one hour on Fish oil. In one hour you will know more that you ever thought possible. I was doing what he talked about for the past year, and it works......

If you ever take the time to listen to the radio shows, saturday 10A to 12N on AM radio, or listen to the www shows, you will have more good information than most people can handle. And I do not get a penny for passing this on to you.


Glucosamine 750mg with chondroitin 600mg (mixed in the same tablet)in twice a day dosing. GNC, Sam's Club and Costco all carry it. I use it and it works.

However, have a competent physician, physician assistant or physical therapist evaluate any joint pain that prevents full range of motion or lasts longer than 2 weeks or is associated with joint swelling or is hot to touch or with discoloration or a weight bearing joint you can't put weight on. I say this because common sense is uncommmon.


This seems to have had great reviews. You should have seen the mayhem when they ran out. I use this as well and I personally think it works better than the Glucosamin/Chondroiton/MSM supplements.





MSM also works. David Barr has written previously that glucosamine, condroitin sulfate, and MSM may inhibit muscle growth because of their anti-inflammatory properties.


Eat some 1/2 cup pineapple each morning with breakfast as well as a glucosamine/cho supplement.


Celadrin and Cissus.


Why pineapples? That's new to me.


cissus has gotten alot of positive reviews as well as fish oil and another i like is GLC 2000


Pineapple contains the compound bromelain which is a great anti-inflamitory. It also improves joint mobility and promotes tissue repair.


mmm mmm, post workout pineapple slices to add some carbs to that surge serving is damn refreshing too! please respect the fruit and buy it fresh though, cause canned tastes nothing like fresh.


I thought that Glucosamine and/or/with chondroitin was not shown to be all that effective except in extreme osteo cases.