Joint Rehabilitation

I’m in my mid 30s and have had a lot of sprains and sports injuries from a long time in fitness, combat sports, and working in the construction trades. My joints have some regular soreness and pain and I don’t want to have chronic problems or permanent injuries in another 10 years. I was curious about self-medicating with steroids, or if something like TRT to prevent that.

I understand a lot of people use deca for joint issues and they stack it with test. How much of this would be advisable to use? I’m also worried of issues with impotency. How bad is it? Does the impotency go away when you’re off the cycle? Is there a way you can stack it or control your dosage to minimize any side effects like that? Is there something that will help your joints that doesn’t cause impotency or decreased libido?

Also, what’s the general cost for something like that?

Deca won’t help your joints. It will just mask the pain a little while you’re on it. Test can make soft tissue injuries worse in that it(test) causes a lot of collagen depletion. AAS won’t do you much good for joint pain or any other injuries.

so what’s good to use to strengthen joint tissue? What do athletes use to work through injuries? And is there a medical reference or recommended books that I can fact-check on?

[quote]JoeyDestroy wrote:
so what’s good to use to strengthen joint tissue? What do athletes use to work through injuries? And is there a medical reference or recommended books that I can fact-check on?[/quote]

Hyaluronic acid injections. And pentosan injections. Not approved for human use. Sold as a veterinary drug. I’m not necessarily recommending it. Research and make up your own mind.

There are a few holy grails the pharmaceutical industry is searching for. One is a nice little drug to repair the soft tissue of joints. Whomever finds it will make billions. In the meantime, most therapy is palliative not amelioritive and often can increase the injury over time. See: Soft Tissue Injections in the Athlete - PMC

Regular anabolic steroids will not help you out. You can look at increasing your HGH levels which could help some. The easiest to use is MK-677 where you just pop a pill(s) to increase your natural production. You won’t see huge increases in HGH, but at your age you should see some decent increases. Next are peptides such as CJC-1295. Finally, you could look into taking actually HGH, expensive to source real HGH though and pretty specific injection schedules to get the real benefit. If you went down the HGH path the best would be to combine with yoga or pilates which I have found to be really helpful with joint pain (mid-fifties here with plenty of accumulated injuries).

Also, get a full blood workup checking your male hormone panel, vitamin levels, hgh level, and inflammation. High inflammation should be addressed first before doing anything else if it is a factor.

I recommend HGH. My wife has had multiple joint surgeries (shoulder 1x, ankle 3x, foot 2x), in addition to chronic shoulder issues - most shoulder exercises are a no-go for her, due to pain and popping (no matter how we tried to tweak the move). A couple years ago I got pharm grade HGH from a friend, put her on it for about 3 months at 2iu per day. This happened to overlap her last ankle surgery. In addition to dropping 15-20 pounds with no real consistency in the gym, all of her joints felt better and more stable and the doctor was in constant amazement at how quickly she was healing (didn’t tell him).

As I said, it’s been a couple years since then, and her joints still feel more stable than before the HGH. I think the effect is starting to ‘wear off’ so to speak, but I’d have to ask her.