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Joint Problems

Hi all, been reading this forum for about 6 months And its great! I’m 40 and decided to get off my ass and lose a ton of weight!
“been way overweight my whole life, Thx Muscle and Fitness LOL” So far I have lost 70 LBS - Lifting " Very basic lifts" and using a very high protein diet. Starting weight 360 Lbs
at 6’ tall… Using advice I read here has been how I got this far…
My problem is now I am having very bad joint pains in my shoulders and can’t hardly lift… Could this be the high protein diet for to long? I’m trying to stay under 50 carbs a day just greens and stuff. I’d appreciate any tips on keeping my joints healthy/medicating them.
I’ve had a ton of injuries through my life and am quite sure I have arthritis, but There has gotta be away I can get lifting some heavier weights! Just don’t want to screw up at this point and get hurt… Still got 70 lbs to go
Any pain killing Ideas are welcome.
Except maybe a lead pill…
Thx for this motivating forum …Jdee

PS: I Custom Paint auto interior parts with Urethanes
I hope the hell its not the ISOs in this stuff attacking my joints!

Jdee, do you stretch? If not, start. A good warm-up wouldn’t hurt, either.

are bent over rows one of the “basic” lifts?

Definently stretch. Make sure your shoulders aren’t going foreward on shrugs. I think there are 2 articles on here that are just what you need: http://testosterone.net/html/145shldr.html http://www.testosterone.net/html/body_89lazy.html

Utilize pre-exhaustion techniques, a lot of stretching and performs reps slower with lighter weights (read about tempo and Poliquin on T-Mag). This should enable you to have joint-pain free exercises.

good job Jdee! i have chronical knee pain that once in a while interferes with my workouts a lot. i’d recommand you to try one of ian kings 12 week upper body programs, especially the first two parts. though you wont be burning lots of calories it might work wonders for your joints .by eleminating muscle imbalances . at least it does with me. good luck

which of these exercises are you doing? behind neck presses, pulldowns behind the neck, upright rows(especialy if you cheat a little), squats w/ your hands close to delts on the bar, cheat laterals, benches where you bounce or move to fast? if you do any STOP you will KILL your rotatorcuff. do squats w/your arms wide(I rest my hands on the plates), any over head exercise start and finish in FRONT, if you do laterals do them STRICT w/arms straight, I would also consider slow dips instead of benches of any kind. To rehab the cuff I’ll explain 2 exercises; laydown on a bench w/your upper arms paralell to the floor your arms should be bent 90* from behind your arms will look like a “U” now w/a db (light like 5lbs. to start and you should never have to go over 20-25lbs) SLOWLY rotate your lower arms back like your almost throwing something at the ceiling DON’T over strech and bring it back up to the “U” position, thats one exercise. next one stand up w/your arms forming a “T” now bend your arms to a right angle (like the other ex.) same thing w/a light db rotate your hands down w/your upper arms NOT moveing just your lower arms.do these for 2 sets of 12-20each at the end of your workout. also like someone said you HAVE to do some kind of rows in your workout(if it hurts to much now concentrate on the exercises I explained untill you can) I hope this helps and I hope you can understand my description of these exercises, go to a book store and get a book on wt. training for baseball or rehabing for baseball you will find these and other great exercises for the rotatorcuff. good luck