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Joint Problems (Shoulder)

Hallo everyone, I just started training properly a few months ago after a long period of messing about and/or not being dedicated enough, and I have to say that this site and everyone on it have been a create help and motivation.

The problem I wanted to ask about is that my shoulders seem a little “loose”. While all my joints crackle and pop, my right shoulder is causing active problems.

I have always had trouble with the shoulder, but it has generally been restricted to minor pain while exercising.

It seems that the end of the shoulder has two rest positions. It is a bit hard to explain and I cannot post a video right now so I will try to explain it, please bear with me.

When I hold my arm parallel to the floor extended in front to me and then pull my hand backwards in a rowing movement, the end of my arm pops “into” my shoulder. I don’t feel it coming out of the proper rest position, but when it returns it does so with a dull “thump”.

Generally this does not hurt, but yesterday (WS4SB ME upper body) I was doing incline DB bench presses and noticed a pain in my right shoulder. The pain increased at the bottom of the movement and was irrespective of what part of the movement.

After this I broke off the work-out to experiment a little. I compared how well either side could hold the weights on the incline DB BP, and found that the pain was only in the right shoulder while the left had only a normal muscle tension.

After this I tried several light lateral holds (DB held out like at the end of a lateral raise). Here I noticed that the right shoulder had a pain “under” the “top” of the shoulder. This was with loads that only caused a light muscular tension in the left arm.

Then I tried various iso-metric holds against things (Finally a use for machines :slight_smile: ) The only one where there was a pain was the isometric lateral raise, both at the bottom and top of the movement.

The reason I am posting this here is to see if anyone has experience with this sort of shoulder pain or, more hopefully, medical experience with something like it.

I know I am going to be told to talk to a doctor about this, and I am looking for a competent sports physiologist. I had adopted the attitude that got me through my knee and ankle problems to this (Ignore pain, do what I can) but given that something decidedly abnormal is going on with the joint I would greatly appreciate the combined knowledge of the the internet.

I will look up the anatomy of the shoulder so that I can post what bits are doing what more exactly.

Leppi, I don’t know if any of this will have anything to do with you, but I’ll mention a few things that you can look into.

First, if you are like most people, you do a lot of pressing, but perhaps not enough rows and pulling work. There are some great “prehab” and “rehab” articles around here concerning shoulders.

Beyond that, in today’s age, a lot of people use a mouse at home and at work. I found that after many years of this that my right shoulder was “loose” from pulling it forward for mouse work. I’ve never had any “popping” or anything, but forward rotation of this type is not a good thing when doing serious shoulder work.

However, getting it looked at is certainly the right move. Whatever is going on needs to be understood so you can figure out what you should or should not be doing.

What are you doing in terms of working the smaller stabilizing muscles around your shoulder? Look aroudn the internet for movements that are done when rehabing a shoulder.

I dislocated my shoulder for a second time by lifting heavy (which hurt my shoulder/loosened it) and not spending enough time making sure that the smaller muscles were tight.

I don’t think that the problem is caused by an imbalance as I have had it since I started training. Also, I have trained both sides equally and my left shoulder has no pain, and lastly I don’t think that I have enough muscles for them to be imbalanced. (6’2" 180lb)

It could be genetics, as none of my joints work perfectly, but some (Knees and ankles) have gotten a lot better on their own. I will add more prehab shoulder work into my routine as well as seeing a doctor. If anyone could recommend someone in Vienna it would be greatly appeciated.

[quote]vroom wrote:
Beyond that, in today’s age, a lot of people use a mouse at home and at work. I found that after many years of this that my right shoulder was “loose” from pulling it forward for mouse work. [/quote]

A fix for this is a stationary mouse, with a ball.

Even with a regular mouse you should be able to cover the whole computer screen with just moving your wrist and fingers. set the sensitivity higher.

For most people it doesn’t matter, however if your like me and spend lots of time on a computer, make it a point to be comfortable. When I’m working I spend 12 hrs/day on a computer. When I am home, I spend whatever time I would watching TV, on the computer.