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Joint Problems/Injuries

I’m wondering if any of you guys have had similar injuries and can offer some advice.

I have two joint problems currently, and I believe they both may have originated from the same accident. I was doing power cleans, and during the last rep of the day the bar slipped out of my hands right as I was shooting my elbows under the bar. It bent both of my thumbs down violently as it fell out, and it also nailed the top of my right knee before crashing to the ground.

The first problem-
Both bottom thumb joints (right by my wrists) are in pain. I have trouble picking up thick objects and it actually hurts just pressing on the joints.

Second problem-
I can’t put much weight on my right knee without it hurting right above the kneecap.

Both of these injuries have lasted about a month, even with me omitting basically all quad work from my workouts.

Any input?

May have torn some ligaments or tendons. See a doc.

Yeah, if it still hurts after a months, go see a docter.