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Joint Pains During Cycle

Guys!Gues u hav experienced joint pains during and off cycle.Any suggestions on how to avoid them?Is Glucosamine and chondroitin the only solution?If so how much of it should be taken and for how long?Pl respond asap.

It would be helpful if you let us know what kind of cycle you are currently on.

You have to understand that some steroids are notorious for getting rid of joint pains and others are noted to cause some joint pain in larger amounts.

Give us some more info about your cycle.

yes I have had that problem when I was using just Test. This is why I use deca with every cycle now. You have to remember that your muscles are getting stronger then your joints. This is what causes the joint problems, most of the time. With that, some may agree, some may not with this. I think that you should not be attempting ‘outrageous’ amount of weight, while on. That you couldn’t lift before you started.

My previous cycle was
Weeks 1-4
D-bol 20mg ed
Deca 300mg/week
Sustanon 100mg/ed(250mged for the first 3 days of week1)
week 5-8
D-bol 30mg for week 5 alone
Sustanon 100mg ed
Deca 300mg/week
Weeks 9-12
winnytabs 40mg ed
PCT weeks 13-16
HCG 5000 I.U./week for 2 weeks
Nolva 20mg ed
Clomid 50 mg ed
2wards the end of the cycle i was xperiencing severe pain around my elbows,especially during triceps xtensions.I have benworkin out for the past 7 years and follow strict form during workouts.I am planning to go in for my next cycle in a month’s time.My last cycle ended in march.Pl tell me the precautions i need to tske to avoid joint pain during cycle.

Joint pain has to do with your age, joint health, drugs/supplements you’re using and generally your suceptibility to it, amongst other things.

Winstrol, which you were using, is notorious for causing joint pain. You said your joint pain started towards the end of the cycle, and it is probably no coincidence that this is when you started taking your winstrol. If you want to continue using winstrol in your cycles, you may need to incorparate Deca. Deca or its relatives will alleviate joint pain in most people, especially if its an aggrivation being caused by another drug.

Deca may not completely fix you up though. Some people get joint pains from steroid use no matter what. It just depends on your body because everybody responds differently.

Generally when something hurts, your body is trying to tell you something. Be cautious.


Do you then think that an MSM,Glucosamine,Chondroitin will help uring a cycle.

the supps will usually help. however, the pain is usually a sign of degeneration. the first thing would be to assess movement patterens, core strength and muscle imbalances. these are usually what causes joint pain over time (there is always the possibility that the original injury was from trauma rather than the stuff listed above, but in a vast majority of cases the cause is environmental whether it be as little as an insufficiency in a micronutrient or poor technique - everyone’s technique could be better - you get more results to boot). check out the out of kilter series by ian king. also king likes fish oil and vitamin C.

Most people are likely to work more than they are used to on a cycle, because the muscles can handle the added stress. However, sore joints could easily be caused by inflammation of the connective tissues through overuse. Try giving the joints ice massage after workouts and at night. Also aggressive stretching can be very helpful. Ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories help alleviate inflammation and pain, but it can allow you to overuse a joint and injure it more because you may not notice the warning signs(inflamation.)If it is an inflammation its possible that it could lead to bursitis if not taken care of and allowed time to rest.

G/C helps, never found any benefit from MSM.

Also, ensure that you are all kinds of hydrated, keep chugging that high quality H2O!

also try to differentiate between joint pain and tendonitis. can anyone provide any clear ways of differentiating the two? I don’t know if i’ve ever experienced joint pain but i know i’ve had tendonitis frequently. laters pk