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Joint pain

Since I’ve started working out I’ve been experiencing a lot of joint aches and pains (especially in my fingers, elbows and knees).
It seems to be getting progressively worse. Any thoughts?

Well, if you have just begun working out, mix up the exercises, limit yourself to two sets per exercise , and don’t push the poundage up too fast. Focus on good form and a full range of motion. Also, don’t do an exercise if it hurts-work around it. For example, if your knees hurt squatting, work on the posterior instead with ham-glute raises, reverse hypers, straight legged deadlifts, good mornings, etc. Also, invest in a visit with an Active Release practitioner( website is activerelease.com). You may have lots of scar tissue which is impeding proper movement patterns ans restricting blood flow to tendons and ligaments causing pain. A certaimn amount of discomfort goes with training, esp. if the movement is new. For example, grip training makes anyone’s hands sore in the ligaments, pushing through the pain makes no sense. Don’t let the pain become chronic, as I did with my knees. It’s taken me 4 weeks of therapy with an active release guy to relieve a lot of the pain and get my legs firing somewhat properly.