Joint Pain

 I have been lifting weights on and off for about 5 years now.  I have gotten very seriously into it in the past year or so.  I have stayed completley natural except for a cycle of winstrol with the intent of cutting up.  While it helped me slightly to cut up, the most noticable difference was that it soothed the pain in my joints.  However, as soon as i came off the winny, my joint problem returned.  I want to know what i can take, off the shelf or the street, that will actually help to heal my joint problem, rather than mask it for a while.  Please do not suggest anything weak like glucosamine......I want some kick-ass stuff.  My biggest pain areas are my shoulders, knees, and forearms.

Go to the doctor and maybe he will give you a shot of cortizone. I think that it is a miracle drug. After that look at your workout, you said that you have been lifting hard, maybe you are overtraining. Joint pain is common when you overtrain. I would look up Ian Kings article on how not to F-up in the gym. I hope this can help. Because I was in the same boat as you.

You could try MSM. I think it’s a miracle supplement. I don’t know how bad your joint pain is, but it completely relieved my life-long joint troubles in the matter of a couple of months. It also managed to negate my mother’s need to take NSAIDs for her arthritis

Have you tried Wobenzym-N? It helped me stay relatively pain-free during some of the most demanding training in the world.

I use Joint Matrix by Cytosport and it works for me.

If you were taking a low dose of glucosamine by itself no wonder it didn’t help. Try a combo of Glucosamine, Chondroitan, and MSM. But you MUST take at least 3-4 grams (3,000-4,000 milligrams) of glucosamine and chondroitan and 3-5 grams of MSM. Gear Sports also makes a great product called Synovicell which has all three plus Vitamin C and Bromelain which is a natural anti-inflamatory. Make sure you warm up properly before every workout including your rotator cuffs. Avoid cortisone, this won’t cure the problem but only mask it. Seek out a good massage therapist to perform deep tissue massage on the problem areas. It hurts like hell but helps break up the scar tissue. Good Luck!

Don’t do cortisone. It actually weakens the tissue and can make your joint problems recurring. I have battled joint issues for the last 8 of my 12 years of training. What I have found is that taking a “quality” glucosamine supplement consistently has really helped out. It actually does help your joints heal by the way and studies have suggested that it does this. Notice I said “quality” glucosamine because there is alot of cheap stuff out there. I have been using the straight glucosamine sulfate from TwinLab and it has worked great. I use 1500mg every day and I would suggest the same for you. Give it a month to saturate your tissues and you should feel a noticeable difference.

Well joint pain is bad. i would first suggest you see someone regarding this pain, such as a qualified ART pratitioner, an orthapedist or anyone you see fit. when the body is injured it sends you pain signals for a reason, so you don’t do that. with respect to glucosamine and chrondrotin that others have mentioned, i too have had good results with it, in the several grams per day dosage mentioned. i had a slight degeneration of the posterior miniscus in my left knee two years ago and it hasn’t hurt me since i started using them.

Louie! How’s your bush? Rub some bull semen on your joints and have a baby batter cocktail. Or, try some Nandrosol for 2 weeks which will mask the pain in the way winstrol does, while taking a glucosamine/ chondroitin supplement- which will reduce inflamation and begin the healing process.