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Joint Pain Starting in My Knee

Hoping to get some advice from people who may have had similar experiences. I’ve recently begun having joint pain in my knee. It’s not consistent, it doesn’t hurt when I take the stairs up or down, or when I put pressure on the leg with the knee pain. But intermittently, it will ache briefly, enough to be uncomfortable and me wanting to do something about it… It gets especially troublesome at night while in bed.

I had the doctor look at it yesterday, he did some diagnostic tests, but couldn’t find anything. He’s sent me for x-rays. If anybody can offer some suggestions I’d be really grateful. I don’t want this to affect my training.
Thanks to all for any advice.

Foam roller? Fish oil?

When I took up with present lady friend she had knee troubles, and pain on stairways. After 9 months of Knox Joint Formula, and fish oil6x1000@ day) she gets showing off. I saw her going down steps backwards when showing off about how good her knees are.

It takes a few months, but once it starts to work, you will know it. When should you stop taking this, whenever you want to go back to pain city.