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Joint pain...Glucosamine?

My joints are REALLY screwed up.Can I use anything…to make it feel better?Anything new on Glucosamine…is it still bad?Thanks

I don’t have any joint problems, so I wouldn’t consider this a forte, but I can drop the usual names: Glucosamine, Chondrin, MSM, Fish Oil… anyone else have any ideas?

I don’t know much of anything about it, but I remember Char-Dawg and a few others mentioning Wobenzyme(sp?) a while back. A search should do the trick. By the way, isn’t it chondroitin, Ike?

Sheesh, guys there’s a search engine to the left of the screen that can pull up info on just about any topic you can think of. But I digress, I have used Vitalzym with a lot of success and recently have added coral calcium and that is great too. T-Mag has addressed glucosomine and concluded that chondroitin is just as effective and won’t make you insulin resistant.

i have been taking glucosamine/chondroitin/msm combined for about two years.i take 1500/1200/500 mgs per day respectively. i ahve noticed that my knee and lower back/pelvic area have felt alot better since i have been taking it.i have not heard any bad things about it and i have not experienced any bad effects .try it for 90 days or so and if it helps,keep takin it.if it doesnt try something else.the other thing i use when the joints start aching is “biofreeze”.its a non prescription rub that works very effectively on joint and muscle pain.best of luck,russ

rest a week, imperatively. add fish oil, try Ike’s other suggestions. Consider Active Release technique, even acupuncture. See a sports physician.

try icing them down after workouts, for supplements use chodroitin sulfate and take fish oil. laters pk

I’ve seen a thread like this before and others mentioned that glucosamine may have some sort of negative effect on anabolism… or causes a catabolic state or something like that. Check into it. I don’t have such problems so I don’t have much experiance with chondroiten or glucosamine. I think creatine could help to a certain degree and Omega 3’s have helped me with just about any sort of muscoskeletal inflamation.

Glucosamine still bad? Since when? Give it a try. For less than $15 you can get 200 capsules of the Walmart brand. Try 2 a day until the container is empty. By then you will know.

This may sound a little weird, but I have a dog with really bad joint problems - he’s 4 years old and could only walk on 3 legs because the 4th knee was so bad. We tried all the usual remedies - glucosamine, chondroitan sulfate… - but nothing worked too well. Then a few people recommended alfalfa pills. I went to the supplement store and bought a bottle of 500 for about $5. I give the dog 3 pills a day. After about a week, he was walking on the bad leg again. After about 3, he was running on it like it was new. I have had him on alfalfa for about 1 year now, and I cannot say enough about it. When I talked to some other people about it, they had heard of similar stories. I am not sure if it will work for you, but for $5 (or you can get 100 pills for about $1.50), it is cheap enough to experiment with, particularly compared to the “normal” remedies. Good luck.

Are you eating a low-fat diet? If so, that would probably be reason #1 why your joints are bothering you. Make sure you get enough fat in your diet (AND add fish oil), then try all of the other good advice on this thread. Good luck!

I think the article talking about the negative effects of glucosamine was written by Cy Willson. Can’t remember the title though. A search at T-mag should bring it up.

Ziggy-you sore from athletics and working out or do you have arthritis? If you are not sure get it checked. There are a few drugs that can greatly reduce your pain if you have arthritis. The damage it causes can be cumulative so if you are a young guy get it checked out now and fight it aggressively. If it is not arthritis then I agree with the advice to rest it for at least a week. Soreness after a hard workout is good. Pain is bad!

I’ve used glucosamine for a long time (about 5 years). If memory serves, the problem was with insulin reactions. Discussions I’ve had with medical types on chondroitin have always come to this: chondroitin doesn’t survive the digestive process. But then again, a lot of people swear by it. Most applications combine it with glucosamine. The glucosamine I take is combined with boswellia, an herbal anti-inflammatory. Don’t really feel it working when I take it, but I certainly know it when I don’t.

You may want to look into Type II Chicken Collagen as well…if I understand correctly it has naturally occurring chondroitin in it, but supposedly the molecular structure is easily assimilated by the body as opposed to regular chondroitin sulfate. I think Enzymatic Therapy also either makes or is making an effervescent chondroitin supplement that has a better molecular structure than regular chondroitin as well.