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Joint Pain From Test Cyp...

Last few days ive noticed a bit of joint pain esp around the knees,at the moment im 9 weeks into a test cyp cycle,has anyone else ever noticed this or anything similar to it?
Ive cut out leg workouts and all leg training til it gets better and taking a fish oil capsule twice per day and glucosamine also twice per day

Im in the middle of the same cycle and ive experienced joint pain in my elbow, its never been there before, now i dont understand why its there either but if someone could give a reasoning or even a solution im sure it would be highly appreciated…I started glucosamine and some fish oil to try to help but i just started that as of today so no results so far…

To the OP…What dose are you using? Are you using an AI? What did your leg training volume look like before and after you started the test?

where do you inject? what size needle? what amount of oil? what frequency?