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Joint Pain during Deload


I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. Often time when I deload I'll get joint pains. Usually some in my back and elbows. Not much changes in my lifestyle on deload weeks, so I was wondering if any of you had any insight into what could be causing this. The only two things I could come up with are my joints are decompressing from not having weight on my back all the time(if that makes any sense), or that I sit around a little bit more on my deload weeks?


I get stiff if I deload and don't get as much movement or mobility work. During deload weeks make sure you do some light exercises that emphasize mobility such as lunges, deep squats, push-ups etc... This usually keeps everthing feeling good.


I'm noticing a similar problem. I switched to step ups instead of squats thinking I could deload for a couple weeks (225 on my back instead of 405+), but I have been getting slight knee pain on my right knee. Could be related to the deload, or maybe its the step ups instead of squats. Interesting idea.