Joint Pain/Burning Sensation

I wanna start off by saying that I already used the search function but didn’t find anything that would cater particularly to what I’m experiencing.
Secondly, i’m pretty sure I’m not coming with something new, just can’t find help and slowly freaking out.

Feels like I have to describe what I did in my recent workouts, as it may provide necessary info:
Monday: I warmed up (dynamic and static- from body weight squats to stretching arms and shoulders and hams and all that jazz).
Then I did 5x5 on squats with 20 lbs more of what i did till that day. These were ATG squats. And when I say ATG, I mean ATG. My ass is pretty much almost at my ankles. then i did 3 supersets of leg extensions/calf raises/glute-ham raises of 12-15 reps.
Bench 5x5, after that followed with 3 sets of DB flyes and incline machine of ~15 reps.
Military press 5x5 followed again by 3 lighter/more rep sets of DB raises.

Tuesday: Again warmed up(even though this time it wasn’t thorough), 3x5 hang cleans, 5x5 deads, 5x5 pull ups, 5x5 seated rows, followed by 4 sets (12 reps each) of cable pull downs, seated rows and cable raises for rear delts.

Also, idk if it matters, but I’m skinny and relatively tall. Currently 6’1" at 170lbs.
Today my hip joints and my shoulder joints are in pain. Not like it’s extreme pain but it’s definitely something I’ve never experienced before. Hips especially. now when I’m sitting, I feel them “burning” a little bit. My knees and elbows and everything else is fine.
My form might

What could have caused this? Did I overload it with volume?
Is there something I can take to relieve the aching/prevent things like this in the future?
Any exercises with bands or without that can help me strengthen these joints?
Should I take off or focus on something else until the discomfort is gone?
If there already is something on here that answers my questions, please link me, i must have missed it.
I’m just trying to make sure that I won’t fuck myself up so I can continue lifting consistently

Any input (nice or not) is appreciated
Thank you.

EDIT: why don’t we have “Injury” section or something like that?

[quote]jCaesar88 wrote:
I overload it with volume[/quote]

To me, that’s your answer right there. A day in between you might pull that off, but back to back seems like way too much.

I agree, too much volume back to back. 5X5 is pretty intense when you use enough load, and that plan looks like 2 days of heavy loading on several lifts that stress the shoulders and hips.

Hmph, I guess I’m gonna ease up on the volume a bit.
Also just got the Maximum Mobility dvd. Gonna try to do the exercises in it.
Anything else i should be aware of?

Sounds like you need to let me borrow your girlfriend for a couple weeks until you get that squared away.


I seriously need to change my avatar

[quote]jCaesar88 wrote:

I seriously need to change my avatar[/quote]

Honestly now, what did you think a semi topless picture of an attractive woman as an avatar was going to accomplish?

You would be upset if we didn’t mention how cute your cat is.

I would appreciate more input if you guys have more to say about this.
Also what lower body exercises can I do that wouldn’t involve my hip joints much?
I wanna take it easy for a couple of weeks, cuz I don’t feel 100%