Joint Pain and E2

I have been on TRT for 16 weeks now. Dosage is 160mg split into two 80mg doses a week. I was a high SHBG guy. From the start i took grape seed and dim because i worried about e2. My first blood work prior to starting trt showed my E2 was 31 my test was 610 and free t was around 10 these are labcorp values.

Blood work at week 14 showed my Test was close to 1200, free t was 30 and E2 was still 31. I have made pretty large strength gains over my 16 weeks. So i am lifting weights i have never touched even in my 20’s. The other day i noticed my elbows were screaming. The joints were horribly sore. Could this be from my E2 being too low? It is also present in my knees as well.

Before I crashed my E2 (twice) I noticed shoulder and knee joint issues. They weren’t horrible at first but some I never had that issue I notice them. It wasn’t longer before I fully crashed my E2. With your testosterone that high you should have higher E2 as well. Think ideal ratio. My free T is 36 and my E2 is 80. Stop the DIM and see if it improves.