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Joint, Ligament & Tendon Health Supps?

Hi all,

What joint & connective tissue supplements would you recommend & why, please?

I understand the range available is:

Cod liver oil
EPA DHA fish oil
Glucosamine & chondroitin
Hyaluronic acid.

I’ve mainly got niggles in ligaments & tendons - adhesions from old quite minor injuries, but sometimes get tendinitis here & there.

I also get quite brittle feeling front delts, for want of a better phrase.

I’m looking to work with a physio to rehab all of this & improve my flexibility & hopefully allow me to weight train at a higher intensity + get back into sports like rock climbing. Brittle shoulders are also a concern because my main hobby is motorbike riding - road bikes, but with better joints I’d like to get into off road.

39 years old, 190 pounds at 5’10, otherwise in decent shape with good cardio fitness too.

All advice appreciated :slight_smile:

One of my concerns as well.

Vitamin C is needed too. Fish oil never hurts, I added some cod liver oil as well as lots of fish in my diet. I’ve seen folks around here give Glucosamine & chondroitin a good rating, but really pay attention to the manufacturer, as usual there are some better quality than others.
From my understanding Collagen supps are just normally broken down in the body into their separate amino acids, they don’t get absorbed any more special than any other protein that our body breaks down.

Getting enough circulation going in joints especially after a heavy enough workout seems to help. I’ve added some isometric holds, eccentric stuff to help build them up with enough recovery of course.

Thanks Techno, much appreciated :slight_smile: I’d not heard that about eccentric & isometrics before.