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Joint Ligament Healing and Health with TRT

Have a doctor friend who’s spouse has just started HRT via a patch with no discussion of E2 etc. Anyway, this doctor (doctor of Psychiatry) has a TRT patient who says they’ve seen a recent study highlighting a negative association with TRT and joint/ligament health and healing ability.

Can anyone comment or validate on this topic? I’m 60 and have been on TRT for several years (40mg E3D / 1/4mg anast E3D). Although overall in excellent health, I’m currently struggling and have been struggling with chronic foot problems that don’t want to heal…

I’m very interested in this topic thanks!


can you you be more specific about your foot problems? do you have a medical history of diabetes or artherosclerosis? do you smoke?

Subtalar arthritis from a broken talus bone 20 years ago in the right ankle and chronic plantar fasciitis in the left foot from over running. It’s well known how difficult it can be to heal from PF. I fear the competing more serious opposite foot injury is hampering the effort to heal the PF.

No medical history which could associate that way and in excellent health otherwise, never smoked, etc…

Some studies show that super high levels of T reduce collagen synthesis. I’m not sure there validity but I don’t think that pertains to TRT levels and at your dosage you should be in range. Do you have any recent labs?

I take a glucosamine supplement, it’s surprising how much it helps. I didn’t think it was working, stopped taking it, within a week my joints felt like shit again.

Costco has a huge bottle at a low price.